Plastic Smart Cities Croatia

Association Sunce Split, in cooperation with WWF Mediterranean, has started the implementation of the Plastic Smart Cities Croatia project, which aims to reduce plastic waste in the sea. The project will last for the next two years and will involve one municipality or city at sea as a partner, which will contribute to the reduction of plastic footprint in various segments of social life and the local community through the implementation of project activities and encourage the use of alternative solutions for waste plastics. The project will also seek to raise awareness of citizens and guests about plastic waste.

The Mediterranean is one of the most polluted seas by plastic pollution with half of this enormous amount of waste coming from land.  Croatia generates 400kTs of plastic waste each year. It has the 3rd highest per capita waste generation in the region, so it is very important to take urgent measures and make citizens, as well as numerous visitors, aware of the need for urgent action, reducing the use of disposable plastic. Namely, tourism has been identified as one of the key actors, and part of the awareness campaign under the Plastic Smart Cities project is aimed at foreign and domestic tourists.

After detailed analysis by the Association Sunce Split, the process of selecting a city or municipality to participate in the project as a partner will be followed by a series of activities – from research, information and preparation of plans, workshops through public events and forums.

Project start date: January 1, 2020

Project duration: 24 months

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