JEDRO – Public Policies for Sustainable Social Development: Water, Energy, Waste


Association Sunce Split, as one of the partners, has started the implementation of a three-year project of the leading partner Zelene akcija called “JEDRO Project – Public Policy for Sustainable Social Development: Water, Energy, Waste“, which in cooperation with nine other partners from Croatia, will collect, analyze data and contribute to the improvement of the management system in three key thematic areas (water, energy and waste) as a contribution to resolving the ecological crisis and climate change, in which Croatia has insufficiently researched and developed models to achieve their significant development.

These thematic areas reflect the priorities of environmental protection, sustainability and economic development. Therefore, within the JEDRO project, guidelines will be developed for the improvement of the management system of the mentioned thematic areas and their application will be promoted among decision makers and other stakeholders.

The three thematic research areas to be explored are:

  1. Water management – with an emphasis on differences in the quality and price of water services, what reforms are needed, what mechanisms are managed and how citizens are involved;
  2. Waste management – with an emphasis on zero waste management in response to the existing problem of unsustainable waste management and promoting a model that contributes to both environmental and economic sustainability;
  3. Renewable energy sources – with emphasis on forms of production organization (e.g. energy cooperatives), participation, importance at the level of national and local policies.

The key horizontal theme common to all areas is the issue of citizen involvement in service management.

This project contributes to the achievement of European goals, which is why we believe that it is worth investing EU funds in the project.
The EU’s goal is to recycle at least 55% of municipal waste by 2025, and in Croatia only 26% is collected separately with a trend of slight increase. Better management of this system will also result in a significant acceleration of this trend.

The EU’s climate target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, compared to 1990. In Croatia, renewable sources have not yet reached even 10% of the total electricity production. Research and promotion of co-production and joint management modalities in this sector will also result in increased production of energy from renewable sources.

The EU also strives to ensure equal access to water for all citizens, and through the project we will analyze the differences in water quality in the Republic of Croatia and develop guidelines for system reform.

Taking into account all these factors, the project partners decided to establish the thematic network “JEDRO”, which will build capacity for research, advocacy and policy work on these topics and expand capacity and knowledge to other NGO’s and advocate results to decision makers and other key actors.

Project JEDRO – Public Policy for Sustainable Social Development: Water, Energy, Waste has started on October 29th, 2020. year and will last 36 months. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund, and the total value of the project is HRK 3,594,308.89.

Project manager: Hajdi Biuk

Project partners are:

Fakultet političkih znanosti u Zagrebu

Društvo za oblikovanje održivog razvoja (DOOR)

Zeleni Osijek

Udruga za prirodu, okoliš i održivi razvoj Sunce

Zelena energetska zadruga (ZEZ)

Brodsko ekološko društvo (BED)

Ekološka udruga Krka Knin

Pravo na grad (PNG)

PAN – Udruga za zaštitu okoliša i prirode

ZMAG – Zelena mreža aktivističkih grupa

Contact person for more information: Enes Ćerimagić, Zelena akcija.

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