Sustainability can be integrated into various aspects of life, from the kitchen to the community

The time spent at Sunce was an unforgettable experience that educated and inspired us in many ways, showing us how small changes in everyday life can significantly contribute to environmental preservation.

Sunce’s ESC volunteer from North Macedonia fell in love with Hajduk and learned the importance of sustainable living

Aleksandra became part of the volunteer community and Sunce through the European Solidarity Corps (ESS). Find out what kind of experience she gained in the article.

Kick-off conference for the FishNoWaste project held in Chioggia, Italy

Croatian and Italian partners will develop a synergistic strategy for the comprehensive collection of waste generated by fishing activities.

Conclusion of the Marine Litter Free Dalmatian Island project

During the project, we worked diligently with the local community on addressing the issue of marine litter.

Digital revolution in sustainable tourism: How can technology help us travel in an environmentally friendly way?

Available in Croatian only.

Implementation of the educational program ‘Small Steps for a Sustainable Society

Sunce carried out a series of workshops with children from kindergarten Kadujica and encouraged children to adopt sustainable habits

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"Please take care of the Earth. We keep all our things there."
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