Students immersed themselves in the world of digital marketing to promote sustainable tourism

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Green Phone 2023 Annual Work Report

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Who are the rangers?

Rangers are frontline conservation workers, playing a critical role in protecting biodiversity, natural and cultural heritage and well-being all generations. 

12 dead loggerhead turtles found – which are the biggest threats to sea turtles

In Sakarun Bay on Dugi otok last week, the sea washed ashore the bodies of […]

Digital nomads in Dalmatia – youth that changes the world!

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Young people from all over the world come to Omiš to volunteer

The program offers an orientation meeting, diving and collection of marine litter and the implementation of the Protocol for monitoring marine litter.

354 Members
30439 Volunteer hours
235 Number of projects
4162 Number of solved citizen reports within the Green Phone programme
163 Number of Green trips
till 2022

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"Please take care of the Earth. We keep all our things there."
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