Together without plastic – radio show


As part of the Together without plastic campaign from September 2021, a radio show of the same name is broadcasting on Radio Sunce frequencies. The radio show is a collaboration between Association Sunce and Radio Sunce, within which the Association’s employees talk about topics, projects and activities important for reducing single use plastic pollution, ie reducing the use of single use plastic.

The show is recorded once and broadcast several times a month on 90.9 and 92.9 MHz.
This year, four shows were recorded.

In the first show, Tea Kuzmičić-Rosandić and Tihana Arapović addressed the issue of marine litter, its impact on the marine ecosystem and taught listeners how to organize an action of cleaning waste from the sea. They emphasized the importance of using the Protocol for Organizing Clean-up Actions in the Marine Environment and Coastal area on the Territory of the Republic of Croatia, the Collection and Processing of Data of Marine Litter, intended for all key stakeholders in cleaning actions. Monitoring types and locations of marine litter is important for establishing functional management systems, both for waste and the marine environment.

In October, in the second show, Marin Spetič and Blanka Rakuljić took part in answering the question How to become a plastic free city? with emphasis on the adoption of Decisions on restricting the use of disposable plastic products in all city institutions as well as institutions co-founded by the City in the cities of Dubrovnik, Trogir, Sali and Stari Grad.
In its nature, the decision prescribes measures which in administrative bodies and in institutions and companies (co) owned by the City determine the restriction of the use of disposable plastics and the replacement of certain items used in business with environmentally friendly solutions, all in order to prevent and / or reduce the adverse impact of certain plastic products on the environment. Also, the Decision restricts the use of single use plastic for all public events that cities / municipalities (co) organize or (co) finance.

You can listen to the whole show here: Show Together without plastic, topic: how to become a city without plastic by Radio_SUNCE | Mixcloud

In the third Together without plastic show, Maja Golem and Blanka Rakuljić talked about the green office design and used the opportunity to introduce listeners to the Green test, which provides insight into the current situation in offices, allows setting goals and checks their implementation and reporting on progress. They also introduced the Consumption test, which monitors the real state of resource consumption and the environmental footprint in the office, as well as a number of other interesting facts (such as the phantom load of the device) that make the office sustainable. They also stressed the importance of proper waste management, with an emphasis on the responsible use of energy and water as important resources.

In the last show of the year, Tea Kuzmičić-Rosandić and Marin Spetič talked about the organization of events without single use plastic, as well as all the challenges that arise. They used the show to announce Advents in Dubrovnik, Trogir and Stari grad cities, which are organized this year without the use of single use plastic.
We know that approx. 100 plastic cups are used daily in one Advent’s house. Dubrovnik has nine Advent houses and if everyone used reusable cups, it would save 3,000 plastic cups per house, which means 25,000 plastic cups less in landfills.

The national campaign Together without plastic is one of the activities of the For Plastic-Free Croatian Islands project and is funded by the Beyond Plastic Med initiative. The campaign is supported by the Plastic Smart Cities Croatia project funded by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

All the steps you can take to reduce your own plastic footprint while saving money can be found on our website in the Live Green section.