Become a member

A member of the Association Sunce can become any person who supports the vision, mission and goals of the organisation and agrees with the provisions of the Statute and the Ethical Codex.

By submitting a filled Membership Request and paying a one-time membership fee, you become a permanent member of the Association Sunce. Members who volunteer for 10 hours or more are exempt from membership fees for the current year. New members, if they apply for volunteering in the Association (by filling out what is their Statement of Interest in Volunteering), are also exempt from membership fees for the current year, and are obliged to pay it if for some reason they did not volunteer for 10 hours or more in the current year.

The annual membership fee is 10 EUR for employees and 5 EUR for unemployed, students and retirees.

Your membership fee is a direct support to nature and environmental protection and a contribution to sustainable development!

Choose a method of paying the membership fee

Payment of membership fees is possible via general payment slip, mBanking and from abroad


Instructions for paying via a general payment slip at the bank or post office.


Instructions for paying the membership fee by scanning the barcode in the bank’s mobile application.


Instructions for paying membership fees from abroad with SWIFT code.

For help with membership, feel free to contact us at our e-mail address [email protected], phone +38521360779 or mobile +385913607790. If you wish to come to the office of the Association we are free on Thursdays from 12 to 2 PM.

Forms of membership, rights and obligations

All members of Sunce have the right to be informed about the work of Sunce, to participate in the sessions of the Assembly and to be regularly informed about the status of their membership. The obligations of all members are to respect the provisions of the Statute and other acts of Sunce, to respect the decisions of Sunce authorities, to preserve the reputation and promote the work of Sunce.

Forms of membership that differ in the rights and obligations of members are:

1. Active Membership – members of Sunce who have the right to vote at the Assembly of the Association and actively participate in projects and activities of the Association. Such people become the active members by the decision of the Management Board at the written request of the members, provided that they are people who contribute to the work of the Association.

2. Regular Membership – members of Sunce who can participate in projects, educational programs of Sunce and collaborating organizations, get discounts on products of the Association and our partners and the opportunity to use educational materials of our library. Upon enrollment, new members are automatically added to this category (until the end of the current year). Regular members regularly pay an annual membership fee.

3. Supporting Membership – members who have supported our work by joining the Association and paying a one-time annual membership fee.

4. Honorary Membership – members who have significantly contributed to the development and work of Sunce or their work and lifestyle are related to the field of environmental protection, nature, sustainable development, and social engagement, and contribute to the goals that Sunce stands for.

Membership in the Association will be terminated upon your request or exclusion by the Management Board of the Association for non-compliance with the Statute or gross violation of the Association Ethical Codex.