Become a member

Being a member of the Association Sunce means being part of the story of environment protection and nature preservation in Croatia and the region; it means to understand that global initiatives are not a substitute for local action and efforts; it means accepting that by our sole activity, even if it is only at the level of supporting the work of the Sunce, we can do something good for the society we belong to.

By becoming a member, you demonstrate social responsibility, support our efforts, become an active bearer of social change, express your beliefs and directly contribute to the protection of nature and the environment in Croatia.

A member of the Association Sunce can become any person who supports the vision, mission and goals of the organisation and agrees with the provisions of the Statute (available in Croatian only).

By signing and submitting a completed Request for Membership as well as paying the membership fee, you become a member of the Association Sunce. Those who volunteer for 10 hours or more are not bound to pay the membership fee for the current year. New members who express an interest in volunteering are also not bound to pay membership fee for the current year, but they are obliged to pay the fee if, for some reason, they did not volunteer 10 hours or more in the current year.

You can send the filled Request for Membership by email at [email protected]

The annual membership fee is 70 kn for employees and 30 kn for unemployed, students and retired persons. You can pay it by general payment or internet banking to the IBAN account number HR46 2407 0001 1005 7092 5 (OTP bank) or personally at the Sunce office. For help about joining, please feel free to contact the above email address or phone +385 21 360 779. If you wish to come to the premises of the Association we are free on Thursdays  12.00 – 2.00 PM.

NOTE : Due to the COVID crisis, meetings and communication with citizens take place exclusively online and by telephone. We are looking forward to the expected normalization and new meetings in our premises.

Membership forms

There are three forms of membership that differ in the rights and obligations of members:

Supporting Membership – All members who have not paid the membership fee for the current year.

Associated Membership – All members who have paid the membership fee in the current year. With regard to the Supporting Members, this includes the possibility of participating in projects, free use of Sunce’s educational programs, books and DVDs, discounts on the products of the Association and our partners, etc. New members are automatically added to this category (by the end of the current year).

Active Membership – Members of the Sunce who, with the rights and obligations of the Associated Members, also have the right to vote at the Association Assembly. Upon a written request of a member, provided that it is a person who contributes significantly to the work of the Association, and by the Management Board’s decision, an Active Member is chosen.

Membership will terminate upon your request or exclusion by the Management Board of the Association for non-compliance with the Statute.