The Association Sunce launches a national campaign to reduce single use plastic pollution


Although all members of the European Union were obliged to transpose the Directive on the reduction of certain plastic products into the environment, which implies a ban on certain single use plastic products, by July 3, 2021 in Croatia, unfortunately, a law was not passed in time for the Directive to be implemented.

Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce continues with projects and activities aimed at reducing single use plastic pollution, so at the beginning of the week in Trogir, as part of the project Plastic Smart Cities Croatia (link) signed Action Plan to reduce plastic pollution from 2021 to 2026, which includes the implementation of measures and activities aimed at reducing the release of plastic waste into the environment and pollution of the sea with plastic waste. Thus, Trogir, after Dubrovnik, became the second city in Croatia to adopt one such document as Plastic Smart City. Just like in the Action Plan of the City of Dubrovnik, the measures include adequate waste management, monitoring and remediation of illegal landfills and limiting the use of single use plastics in all public companies and city institutions.

By setting up an exhibition that will open next week on Hvar, as part of the Jelsa Art Biennale, the Association Sunce officially launches a national campaign to reduce single use plastic pollution called “Together without plastic“, which is implemented as one of the activities of the For Plastic Free Croatian Islands project in Stari Grad area and the municipality of Sali on Dugi otok (link).

The national campaign “Together without plastic” is supported by Beyond Plastic Med.