Who we are

Sunce is a non-governmental, non-party and non-profit organization founded in 1998, which today, in addition to members and volunteers, also has a team of employees, experts from various fields, united in achieving environmental and nature protection goals.

Based on numerous achieved successes, Sunce is nationally and internationally present as one of the leading organizations for nature and environmental protection in Croatia. We base our activities on current scientific indicators and examples of good practice, expertise and many years of experience in the field of nature and environmental protection.

We are here to protect the interests and the public’s right to a healthy environment, and create solutions to conservation and rational use of natural resources for the benefit of all citizens.

STATUTE – available in Croatian only


Croatia is a country with preserved natural values, marine and coastal environment and local communities, whose development depends on the principles of sustainability and circular economy.

Association Sunce is a place of creative ideas, mutual support and respect.


Sunce is one of the leading civil society organizations in Croatia that advocates, educates and informs about environmentally responsible solutions based on professional and research work.

It raises awareness and fosters communities and individuals to participate in environment and nature protection on local and national levels. It works in collaboration with national and international organizations and networks.

In achieving our mission and vision, we are assisted and guided by strategic goals that we set by participatory development of multi-annual strategic plans, taking into account the results, experiences and knowledge gained during previous periods.

The strategic objectives set for the period 2021.-2026.

  1. Contribution to establishment of sustainable waste management system on land and sea
  2. Increased level of environmentally responsible behavior of wider public and target groups
  3. Increased impact of Sunce on public policies and court practices in the area of nature and environment protection, and sustainable development
  4. Contribution to increased efficiency of nature protection sector with focus on coastal and marine ecosystems conservation

Strategic Plan of Association Sunce 2021. – 2026.

Strategic Plan of Association Sunce 2016. – 2020. – available in Croatian only

Strategic Plan of Association Sunce 2011. – 2016