Sunce is its members. Today we have the staff, we have the programs, projects and strategic plans, but it all started in 1998 gathering of individuals who had a common vision and voluntarily joined together to offer independent solutions in the protection of nature and environment.

Any legal capacity and legal persons who accepted the provisions of the Statute of the Association Sunce can become its member.

Since its establishment, Sunce had more than five hundred members of all ages, education and occupation. Everyone has had some of his personal reasons for joining. Some have been recognized in our mission and vision, one wanted to actively participate in environmental protection and nature conservation, another goal was to solve the environmental problem in the neighborhood, while others were motivated by our results.

No matter how different the reasons were for our members join, one of them is certainly common: everyone is keen to improve the attitude of society towards the environment and nature.

Members are governing organization, directly or through their elected representatives in the bodies of the association, in the manner prescribed by Statute.

Being a member of Sunce is to be a part of the story on the protection of nature and environment in Croatia and the region, is to understand that global initiatives are not a substitute for local action and accomplishment, is to accept that only their own actions, even if it was only on the level of supporting the work of an organization, we do something good for the society to which we belong.

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