Monitoring Posidonia oceanica meadow service in ​​the Kornati National Park (2023.)


As part of the “Monitoring posidonia service in ​​the Kornati National Park“, in 2023 Sunce will establish and continue monitoring of the posidonia meadow in this protected area, which started within the framework of the MedPAN South Hrvatska and Interreg SASPAS projects.

Due to its interesting geological structure, the underwater area of ​​the Kornati National Park abounds in diverse habitats, inhabited by many protected species of flora an d fauna. The Posidonia oceanica sea flower in the park area forms dense meadows that provide habitat, food, and protection for various marine species. In addition, it contributes to sediment stabilisation and nutrient cycling in coastal areas.

Service title: Monitoring Posidonia oceanica meadow service in ​​the Kornati National Park (2023.)

The service includes thedetermination of five monitoring locations and the design of monitoring on those locations. Field collection of data about the condition of sea flower according to the established protocol. Processing of collected data and preparing reports with results, conclusions, and recommendations. Also, the implementation of field data collection on the density and coverage of meadows using autonomous diving equipment (SCUBA) at given locations within the Kornati National Park, as well as data processing and creation of reports with cartographic representations and comparison of results from previously conducted research.

Client: Public institution “Kornati National Park”

Service duration: 28.7.2023. – 30.9.2023.

Service manager: Zrinka Jakl, mag. biol. ing., e-mail: [email protected]