Responsible waste management DV Kadujica


We continue the education of educators with a new cycle of education for kindergarten teachers „Kadujica“, Okrug Gornji.

As part of the educational program Responsible Waste Management of kindergarten „Kadujica“, association „Sunce“ will conduct 10 workshops for educators.

The educational program for kindergarden teachers has a positive professional opinion of the Education and Teacher Training Agency. It is designed to respect the following principles outlined in the Adult Education Act (2007):

  • lifelong learning
  • appreciation of diversity and inclusion
  • guarantee of the quality of the educational programs
  • offer education to all under equal conditions, in accordance with their abilities
  • rational use of educational opportunities
  • territorial proximity and accessibility
  • professional and moral responsibility of andragogical employees
  • respect for the personality and dignity of each participant.

The service includes:

Workshops within the educational program for kindergarden teachers.  Educational program  will last for 40 hours (10 workshops lasting for 4 hours: Introductory workshop, Sustainable waste management, Composting – what and how?;  Ecoactivities for young kids, Ecoactivities for kindergarten children, Environmental responsibility – energy and water, Environmental responsibility – procurement and transport, Implementation of environmentally responsible principles,  Environmental responsibility in the community, How was it and how to proceed?

The client: Kindergarten “ Kadujica“, Split

Duration of service: 15. 11. 2023. – 2024.

Service manager:
Margita Radman, mag. biol. et oecol.
Head of the Education and Information Department
E-mail: [email protected]