Career for Green, Digital and Sustainable Tourism


Sunce started the implementation of the project Career for Green, Digital and Sustainable Tourism. 

Project goal: 

Development of sustainable tourism through the education of students, pupils, and tourism workers with a focus on the Zero-waste principle, Dalmatia Green certificate and digitization. Activities include theoretical and practical training of young staff for sustainable tourism. 

Project activities: 

  • Preparation and implementation of the educational program Career for Green, Digital and Sustainable Tourism for pupils. 
  • Inclusion of students of the Faculty of Economics in Split in the service-learning program. 
  • Education and familiarization of relevant stakeholders with the benefits of a sustainable tourist and catering offer. 
  • Public event Cleaning sailing race – Race against time. 

Expected results of the project: 

  • designed and implemented educational program (1 introductory lecture, 2 interactive workshops on digital marketing, 3 field workshops on sustainable tourism and zero-waste principles, 3 public events for stakeholders in tourism, 5 articles on sustainable tourism) 
  • service-learning program implemented (2 students – created educational program for pupils (80 hours); 2 students – created sustainable tourism promotion program (80 hours); created digital map of sustainable content in Split) 
  • educated relevant stakeholders on the benefits of sustainable tourism and catering (3 public events on sustainable tourism and the Dalmatia Green program; organized and held 1 training for 10 caterers on Zero waste principles; included 5 new members in the Dalmatia Green program; improved visibility of the Dalmatia Green program) 
  • successfully cleaned targeted bays from marine litter through the public event Cleaning sailing race-race against time. 

Project partners: 

The project leader is the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce. 
Project partners are association Infozona, Tourist Board of Split, Faculty of Economics Split, High school “Braće Radić” Kaštel Štafilić and Makarun d.o.o. 

Project duration: July 1, 2023 – June 28, 2024. 

Donor: Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MINTS).
The total amount of the project is EUR 39,270.51, with MINTS co-financing amounting to EUR 25,956.00. 

Project manager: Tihana Arapović, [email protected]

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