Monitoring of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica in the area of ​​the Mljet National Park (2023)

As part of the “Monitoring posidonia” service in ​​the Mljet National Park, Sunce will conduct the 4th monitoring of the state of the posidonia meadows in this protected area. Besides being endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, Posidonia oceanica forms meadows in whose thick leaves many animal species find shelter and a safe place to spawn. With his actions, man endangers posidonia and all the organisms that live in it.

In order to preserve this important habitat, it is necessary to collect data about the state of the meadows from year to year. Based on that data create recommendations and measures to prevent further devastation, especially by anchoring.

Service title: Posidonia monitoring – NP Mljet (2023)

The service includes the implementation of field data collection, i.e., the collection of data on the density and coverage of the meadow through autonomous diving at protocol-specified locations within the Mljet National Park, as well as data processing and creation of reports with cartographic representations and comparison of results from previously conducted research.

Client: Public institution “Mljet National Park”

Service duration: 04/07/2023. – 1.12.2023.

Service manager: Zrinka Jakl, mag. ing biol., e-mail: [email protected]