Development of management plans for Natura 2000 and protected areas

Monitoring of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica in the area of The Telašćica Nature Park

Monitoring of seagrass Posidonia oceanica in the area of The National Park Mljet

Production, Installation and Removal of Collectors for catching Larvae of Noble Pen Shell (Pinna nobilis) As well as Identification and Extraction of juvenile Pen Shells from Collectors

Preparation of the Scientific and Technical Baseline for the Establishement of the FRA/NTZ in the Molat Island Aquatorium

Monitoring the condition of noble pen shells and taking tissue samples for histological analysis of the parasite Haplosporidium pinaee in the Lastovo Islands Nature Park

Designing and managing the implementation of volunteer programs for the National Park Mljet

Determining the condition of Posidonia oceanica meadows in the ecological network HR4000007 Badija, around Korčula islands and HR3000431 Aquatorium S of Pržina bay and N of Bilin žal bay along Ražnjić peninsula and in Polačište bay