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How We Work

Sunce is a non-governmental organization and besides its members and volunteers has its professional team which consists of experts in the fields of nature and environmental protection.

We base our action on latest scientific indicators and examples of good practice, expertise and many years of experience in the field of nature conservation and the environment.

We are committed to business, data and results transparency as well as participation and dialogue between all stakeholders in addressing issues related to the environment and nature.

Sunce’s values and principles:
Consistency is achieved through devotion to vision, mission and goals of the organization and trying to apply the principles of sustainable development into everyday life.
Responsibility of the organization is based on knowledge, facts and expert interdisciplinary approach while encouraging initiative and creativity of individuals. As a responsible non-profit organization we make our work and the results available to the public.
Collaboration is the value that we cherish within and outside the organization. We encourage trust and dialogue among stakeholders, and the work of the organization is based on teamwork, respect for diversity of opinions, ideas and nonviolent action.
Success for us means to encourage change and achieve goals, and team members achieve satisfaction in their work, build themselves through work and nurture quality relationships

We recognize the necessity of achieving good cooperation with all stakeholders who can contribute to the common goals of preserving nature and the environment. Therefore Sunce in its work cooperates with a number of institutions and individuals from all sectors of society, from international institutions and public administration to educational institutions.

Association Sunce in its work applies The Quality Assurance System for Nonprofit Organization Sokno, which ensures the fulfillment of the mission, providing quality customer service, transparency and good and rational management of resources.