Environmental education and sustainable development


One of the main activities of the Department of education and information, as the name suggests, is education for the environment and sustainable development. In order to protect the environment and truly become citizens of sustainable awareness and community, it is necessary to spread the knowledge, experience and skills that we nurture within the Association to our environment. In the Department, we are particularly focused on children and young people, ie new generations who, in the various climatic and environmental challenges that await them in the future, will be the main actors in the protection and preservation of the Earth.

Since 2007, when Sunce has been keeping records of conducted workshops for children, youth and educators, it has conducted over 500 workshops, seminars and activities for about 10,000 participants. In his / her educational work, he / she uses participatory methods in order to achieve the greatest possible involvement of the participants and to nurture independence in creative and critical thinking and making sustainable decisions for the betterment of the whole society. Also, the educators of the Association are the authors of educational programs and materials on the topics of nature and environmental protection, some of the educational programs have received a positive opinion from the Agency for Education or are in the process of evaluation.

The association especially encourages education in nature about nature in the form of organizing Green trips. Green trips are educational excursions for children and students who in direct contact with nature and its ecosystems evoke the interconnectedness and interdependence of the living world, build a sense of love and responsibility for the environment and thus encourage the construction of an ecologically aware individual who will be ready for active and responsible participation in the community and problem solving in collaboration with others.