Archived Projects

Educational program: “Sea in My Neighborhood”

Active youth for environmental protection and sustainable community development

Career for Green and Sustainable Tourism

Plastic Smart City Dubrovnik

Raising Awareness of the role of Composting

For plastic free Croatian Islands

Transforming Mediterranean Small Scale Fisheries

Green Student Companies – Sustainable Thinking and Action  

SASPAS – Safe Anchoring and Seagrass Protection in the Adriatic Sea

School Botanical Garden of Mediterranean Plants

Plastic Smart Cities Croatia

Sustainable Student Companies in Croatian High Schools – Green Companies Promote Sustainable Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action of Young People in Croatia

SUSHI DROP (SUstainable fiSHeries wIth DROnes data Processing) project

ADRIREEF – Innovative exploitation of Adriatic Reefs in order to strengthen blue economy

FAIRSEA – Fisheries in the Adriatic Region – a Shared Ecosystem Approach

Waste is not garbage – we compost it for larger gardens! – Applying responsible waste management in primary schools and kindergartens