Development of volunteering

The work and activities of Association Sunce would not be possible without members, volunteers and employees of Sunce.

Since the founding of Association Sunce, since 1998, volunteering has been constantly nurtured and developed. The long-term development of volunteering, a structured way of accepting and working with volunteers, as well as improving the skills of their management, has contributed to more efficient and effective coordination of volunteers in Sunce.

Providing opportunities for various forms of volunteering in Sunce is recognized as an extremely valuable tool for disseminating knowledge and experience on environmental and nature protection, active citizenship and civil society in general and strengthening human capacity and influence of Sunce.

Volunteers of Sunce were involved through various projects and programs, in which some of the main activities were: organization, logistics, design and implementation of various educational activities, communication activities, celebration of Volunteer Day as part of the campaign Croatia Volunteers, diving actions and underwater inventory, marking the events of the Split Bicycle Race, promoting responsible waste management, marking Earth Day, logistical support in organizing and evaluating Green trips, working on the Green phone, creating promotional materials, surveys, data entry, etc.

Volunteers who are involved in our work, mostly young people, acquire competencies in work environment, which increases the opportunities for their own further employment.

Since 2015, Association Sunce has been an accredited host of foreign volunteers under the Erasmus + European Voluntary Service (EVS) program, and since 2019 under the European Solidarity Force (ESS) program.

We highlight the systematically collected data on organized volunteering in Sunce in the past five years:

YearTotal number of volunteersShare of the number of EVS / ESS volunteersTotal number of volunteer hoursShare of EVS / ESS volunteer hours

You can see annual reports on organized volunteering in Association Sunce here (available in Croatian only):