How to compost large amounts of food?


Did you know that biowaste makes up as much as 40% of mixed municipal waste? This type of waste can represent either a problem for the environment or a valuable organic fertilizer that improves the structure and quality of the soil. Composting is the best ecological way of dealing with bio-waste. However, how to implement composting in catering facilities where generates a large amount of waste from cooked food?

Today, we have various home composting devices that can be used indoors and which can also contain a large amount of food. One such device is the home composter GG – 02 from INTERZERO.

If you are interested in how this device works, what its technical specifications are and how big it is, join us at its presentation on July 8, 2022 at 11 a.m. in the premises of the City District of Split on the Riva (Obala hrvatsko narodnogo pororoda 10/1).

INTERZERO company representative Robert Sedlar will present the company’s activities and services and also their electric composters, with an emphasis on the home composter GG-02. In addition, he will present the technical specifications, the method of installation and operation of the composter.

The presentation will last an hour, after which all interested participants will be able to see the composter in the premises of the Association Sunce under the professional guidance of INTERZERO representatives.

The presentation of the device was organized in cooperation with the Dalmatia Green program implemented by Sunce. The INTERZERO Company is a partner of the Dalmatia Green program, which encourages sustainable tourism and advocates for the sustainable operation of tourist facilities. Dalmatia Green provides its members with discounts at innovative green partner companies. Precisely for this reason, the INTERZERO Company is a partner in the Dalmatia Green program.

The company INTERZERO deals with waste management and recycling solutions and advocates the application of circular economy principles in the workplace.

Miranda Šimac, head of the project “Raising awareness about the importance of composting”, is at your disposal for any additional information.
Email: [email protected]