Transition to reusable solutions: an appeal for sustainability at Split public events


Single-use plastic – an environmental problem in Split

Single-use plastic is a serious environmental problem at public events in Split. As an organization that has been actively working on waste and marine waste management in Split and Dalmatia for 20 years, Sunce has successfully advocated the reduction of waste generation as a key solution for preserving natural resources. On the example of stopping the use of disposable plastic cups in city kindergartens, we see that changing the way of thinking and acting can bring positive results.

Public events and lack of reusable solutions

Unfortunately, the public events in Split still do not pay enough attention to the environmental problems caused by the use of single-use plastics. The recent concert of the world star LP at Prokurative, held on June 11, 2023, is another example of the use of single-use plastic despite increasing environmental challenges. The Karepovac landfill is already overcrowded, high incentive fees are paid due to the excessive amount of disposed mixed municipal waste, there are no composting facilities, and the situation regarding marine waste is devastating. On top of that, the legal bans on the use of single-use plastic cups from the SUP Directive (Directive (EU) 2019/904 of the European Parliament and the Council of June 5, 2019 on reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment – Single Use Plastic Directive) have also not been fully implemented.

plastic is not fantastic

Changes are possible

In conversations with the organizers, we often hear comments that the people of Split are not ready for such changes. However, we also have positive examples that can be replicated in Croatia. Just a little further north, in Šibenik, plastic-free events have been organized for five years. Furthermore, cities such as Dubrovnik and Trogir have joined the Plastic Smart Cities initiative of the WWF Mediterranean, which is implemented by Sunce in Croatia. They recognized the importance and took the first steps towards a more sustainable way of organizing public events. They decided to limit the use of single-use plastics in their areas and set an example for others. The island of Hvar, with the For Plastic-Free Croatian Islands project, also recognized the importance of a sustainable approach and introduced measures to reduce the use of single-use plastics.


Appeal for sustainability at public events in Split

We invite the City of Split and the organizers of public events to recognize the importance of sustainability and move to reusable solutions. There are many alternatives already available, such as the deposit system used at events in other European cities. It is important for Sunce that the City of Split and the organizers of public events respond to the needs of the community and move to multiple solutions that will contribute to the preservation of the environment. Using the example of the business sector, we can see that the transition to multiple options is already possible. We encourage organizers to explore sustainable access options and get in touch so we can promote them as examples of good practice via social media. Also, Sunce is ready to cooperate with the City of Split and event organizers in educating citizens about sustainable practices.

It is time for strategic documents to become reality and for Split to become recognizable as a sustainable and green city, as described by the musician LP – “the most beautiful city in the world”.