Plastic Free Christmas Decoration


Advent time is approaching, and the Christmas holidays are ideal for creating a magical atmosphere in your home.

Because of that, we take this opportunity to show you how buying plastic Christmas tree decorations and Christmas decorations for the home should be a thing of the past because with all the joys that Christmas decorations bring, the question is how this huge amount of plastic, which is produced every year, affects the environment?

In the last century, plastic was a revolutionary product, but at the time people were not aware that a single use plastic product, which is not recycled but ends up bellow the ground or in the sea, takes hundreds of years to decompose. Therefore, the Association Sunce as part of the For Plastic Free Croatian Island project in which the project Plastic Smart Cities Croatia actively participates, launched a national campaign Together without Plastics, which aims to encourage cities and municipalities to reduce the use of single use plastics and offers advices on how to change some life habits.

The holiday season is an opportunity for family gatherings and making decorations together. Use this Advent time to change some life habits together, create unique Christmas decorations and start a new family traditions. Whether it is in a living room, hallway or bedroom, handmade decorations will contribute to creating a unique Christmas spirit in your home.

We bring you a few ideas for making plastic-free Christmas decorations for your home and for the Christmas tree that can inspire you.


The technique of hand embroidery of knots or macrame is one of the old techniques of handwork. Let this year’s knitted macrame balls overshadow all the other decorations on your Christmas tree.

Also, you can find inspiration for macrame stars, mini pines, snowflakes and some other holiday motifs on social media.

Paper Christmas stars

Paper Christmas decorations are full of charm and are easy to make. Natural, simple, but imaginative, it will bring a little Christmas magic to every home and create the holiday atmosphere. If you are a fan of the eco-style, you should also love Christmas paper decorations.

To make a Christmas star you will need: 8 paper bags, glue, scissors and a bit of twine.

Video instructions for making a Christmas star can be found at the following link:

Decorations made of recycled material – decorative jars and decorative light bulbs

Decorating your home during the holidays is fun, but there is something that brings even more joy, and it is when we are making decorations by ourselves. It’s also a great way to recycle old packaging, and our small contribution to environmental protection and “protection” our wallets!

Old jars and light bulbs can be a very cute Christmas decoration. We all have a bunch of old jars and light bulbs in our home. Clean them, then spray paint the color you want on it or cover it with paper. After that, decorate them to your liking. Fill a decorated jar with the Christmas candy and hang a decorated light bulb on the Christmas tree.

Christmas decorations made of natural materials

Everything has the potential to become a beautiful Christmas decoration, so observe your surroundings while enjoying nature in the fresh air. You will be amazed by how many decorating ideas will come up to you. Get inspired by some of our Christmas decorations and make your own to decorate your home this winter.

Source: Greenpeace