Plastic Smart Cities Croatia “Action plan” presented in Dubrovnik

A two-day workshop for stakeholders within the Plastic Smart Cities Croatia project was held in Dubrovnik last week (May 10 and11). The workshop has been organized by the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce and the City of Dubrovnik, in cooperation with WWF Mediterranean.

At a public forum held in Dubrovnik’s Lazareti, representatives of the city administration and the utility company Čistoća presented the project, and then the “Action Plan for Reducing Plastic Pollution in the City of Dubrovnik for the Period 2021-2026.” Also, Marijan Galović spoke about waste management systems.

On the second day, a workshop was held for representatives of the city administration, public companies, cultural institutions and other stakeholders of the City of Dubrovnik.

“The City of Dubrovnik has made a significant step forward when the Mayor signed the Plastic Smart Cities “Action Plan” and we have thus became the first city in Croatia to have such a document and our goal, as well as the desire, is to include and conduct everything in the Action Plan. These workshops, which brought together representatives of the city administration, public companies, cultural institutions and others, actually show that this is a very serious approach that applies to all companies and institutions managed by the City of Dubrovnik, and which are obliged to implement Action plan in the same way as we are. The main coordinators are the Association Sunce Split, Čistoća Dubrovnik, as well as two city administrative departments – the Department of Urbanism, Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection and the Department for European Funds, Regional and International Cooperation. However, the responsibility to implement the activities of the Action Plan lies with everyone because that is the goal and purpose of adopting such a document – to take Dubrovnik another step forward towards environmental protection, human health and everything that is contained in this project, “said the Deputy Mayor Jelka Tepšić.

“This project is a continuation of all previous activities and efforts of the City of Dubrovnik in terms of environmental protection and efforts to reduce the amount of waste in the environment. The “Decision on restricting the use of disposable plastics for the City of Dubrovnik and institutions, utilities and companies in (co) ownership of the City”, which will adopt measures to limit the use of plastics in regular business and all public events organized or supported by the City, is being prepared in order to prevent and / or reduce the adverse impact of certain plastic products on the environment. In addition to these workshops, individual meetings will be organized with all bodies whose obligation will be to implement this Decision in order to clearly articulate and concretize all necessary activities, “said the head of the Administrative Department for Urbanism, Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection Jelena Loncarić.

“We are extremely pleased and proud that the City of Dubrovnik has been involved in this project and we will support all institutions, companies and utilities of the City of Dubrovnik in implementing the Action Plan, and we will continue to provide guidance regarding our area of activity,” said the director. Cleanliness Marko Iveković.

This is a project in which the City of Dubrovnik cooperates with the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce and WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative to develop a series of activities, including the implementation of measures to reduce or stop the use of single-use plastics in various segments of social life; as well as better plastic waste management. In cooperation with partners, the City of Dubrovnik has developed an Action Plan and will launch a project in the pilot area with the aim of reducing plastic pollution by 30% within two years. Also, with the adoption of the Action Plan for the Reduction of Plastic Pollution, the City of Dubrovnik has taken an important step within the WWF global initiative called “Plastic Smart Cities”, which aims to prevent the influx of plastic into nature by 2030.

In accordance with the Action Plan, a special decision should be adopted by the end of this year which will limit the use of disposable plastic for all public events, which (co) organizes or (co) finances the City of Dubrovnik.