Plastic-free Croatian island


According to the assessment of the main findings on the environmental quality and pollution of the Adriatic, the level of floating litter in the Adriatic is relatively higher compared to the rest of the Mediterranean Sea, and there is an important share of plastic (>80%) among landed litter. To change this situation, Croatia needs to focus more on developing measures and activities that support waste prevention, primarily plastic waste, and its reuse. These measures should be implemented at both national and local levels, with proper enforcement and compliance with legal documents such as the EU Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive.

Plastic-Free Dalmatian Islands is supported by DIEF – Dalmatian Islands Environment Foundation, thanks to funding received from Conservation Collective through their Depeche Mode & Hublot partnership during the Memento Mori world tour. Through the project, Sunce collaborates with public institutions: the Public Institution for Protected Areas “Natura Jadera” and the Public Institution Nature Park “Telašćica” in drafting a legal framework for concessionaires to reduce the use of single-use plastics in protected areas and with the Municipality of Sali (Dugi Otok) in implementing project activities. Residents, educational institutions, associations, and other stakeholders will be informed about the project and its activities through an informational campaign and participation in the 2nd interdisciplinary conference on marine litter.


Project objectives

The overall project objective is to contribute to the reduction of single-use plastics and plastic pollution in the Adriatic Sea by promoting the implementation of sustainable waste management based on the principles of reduction, reuse, and recycling.

Project-specific objectives:

  • to increase knowledge and raise awareness among local and national stakeholders about waste management, the impact of plastic pollution on marine environment and the importance of reducing plastic usage;
  • to provide support and enhance the capacities of local partners and businesses for the successful implementation of sustainable waste management and reducing the use of single-use plastics;
  • to strengthen local and national advocacy efforts for sustainable waste management and implement waste reduction principles on islands.

Project activities:

  • organization of the 2nd interdisciplinary conference on marine litter;
  • communication and advocacy activities;
  • implementation of the plastic-free initiative by the tourism sector and concessionaires in protected areas on Dugi otok;
  • monitoring of the implementation of the Action Plan to Reduce Plastic Pollution for the period 2021-2026 prepared as part of the For Plastic-Free Croatian Islands project for the municipality of Sali (Dugi otok) and determining the status of waste management.

Expected project results:

  • identification of shortcomings, successes and finding ways to reduce single-use plastic pollution;
  • updated Action Plan reflecting improved strategies for reducing plastic pollution;
  • organized 2nd interdisciplinary conference aimed at waste prevention and marine waste issues;
  • establishment of a legal framework for reducing single-use plastics within protected areas;
  • reduced use of single-use plastics and increased adoption of environmentally friendly alternatives;
  • increased awareness enhanced public engagement and support for plastic reduction initiatives.

Project duration: April 2024 – December 2025 (21 month)

Project lead partner: Sunce

Funded by: Dalmatian Croatian Island – Foundation for the Environment of the Dalmatian Islands, thanks to funds received from the Conservation Collective through a partnership with Depeche Mode & Hublot

Total project budget: 40.771.60 EUR

Project manager at Sunce: Dalka Zanki, mag. biol. et oecol.

E-mail: [email protected]

Link to the official project website: Plastic-Free Croatian island 

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