Participate in the “Marine Litter-Free Tides of Change” conference on marine litter and be part of the solution

To expand knowledge about marine pollution and contribute to raising public awareness of this challenge, we invite you to a three-day interdisciplinary conference on marine litter and education on preventing marine litter, which will be held in Split from November 4 to 6, 2024. Participation in the conference will enable you to engage in dynamic discussions, gain new knowledge, and collaborate with experts and enthusiasts in the field of environmental protection.

The Marine Litter-Free Tides of Change conference is organized by the Sunce as part of the Marine Litter-Free Adriatic Sea and Plastic-Free Croatian Island projects.

Conference objectives

  • Raising awareness among institutions and organizations about the problem of marine litter and its prevention, along with implementing measures to shape and improve the legislative framework for sustainable waste management;
  • Educating, enhancing skills, and encouraging the active participation of youth, locals, and other stakeholders in the fight against marine litter, addressing the impact of plastic pollution on the marine environment, and advocating for the reduction of plastic use;
  • Networking of public and private educational institutions and organizations in the Adriatic coastal area for active participation in advocating for sustainable waste management.

– It is essential to raise awareness about the issue of marine litter and its impact on the marine environment. Education and encouraging young people to actively participate can be part of the solution to this cross-border challenge, – said Tea Kuzmičić Rosandić, the ML-FREE project manager. This is precisely what the ML-FREE project addresses and its results and examples of good practice will be presented at the conference.

Circular economy, education, and active participation – tools for tackling marine litter

Marine litter is one of the fastest-growing threats to marine and coastal ecosystems worldwide, with significant ecological, cultural, health, and economic consequences. This challenge is becoming increasingly visible and significant in Croatia as well, and the lack of data from systematic research indicates the need for active intervention.

At the conference, the concept of circular economy will be presented as a strategy for reducing waste pollution. Gathered experts and stakeholders will exchange ideas and examples of good practice related to waste management and environmental pollution reduction. Discussion will be encouraged on individual and collective action in the context of consumer habits and waste management locally, nationally, and internationally.

Furthermore, the conference will address the topic of education about environment and sustainable development, discussing the incorporation of environmental topics into formal education systems to promote positive societal changes.

Active participation in nature and environmental protection, especially the involvement of youth, is extremely important for sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. The aim of this thematic unit is to encourage active citizen participation in nature conservation and restoration, as well as to connect educational institutions with civil society organizations.

Conference registrations are open until September 1st

Join us at this interdisciplinary conference and learn more about the challenges of marine litter that Adriatic faces. Discover how to prevent marine litter and how to encourage others to make positive changes. Seize the opportunity to network with other stakeholders and institutions and exchange ideas.

Registrations are open until September 1st. Register via link and reserve your spot!

The ML-FREE project, Marine Litter-Free Adriatic Sea, is implemented by Sunce as the lead partner in collaboration with the Economic and Administrative School Split and the Marko Polo Art High School from Venice. The project is co-financed by the European Union through the Interreg program and the Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

Plastic-Free Croatian Island is carried out by the Sunce in collaboration with the Dalmatian Islands Environment Foundation (DIEF), with funding provided by the Conservation Collective through a partnership with Depeche Mode & Hublot.