The Seabirds Conservation in the Adriatic webinars

Project LIFE Artina and the Croatian Network of Marine Protected Areas organized a series of online webinars on the conservation of seabirds in the Adriatic. Experts from the Biom and Sunce associations, partners in the LIFE Artina project – Seabird Conservation Network in the Adriatic, conducted five webinars from March to June.

Taking care of our seabird colonies

The first webinar, “Taking Care of Our Seabird Colonies,” took place on March 7, 2023. It covered the biology and ecology of seabirds, their distribution, and the threats they face, as well as measures for controlling and eradicating rats on seabird colonies in the Lastovsko otočje Nature Park.


The results presented from the LIFE Artina project demonstrated success in removing rats from certain islands and improving the breeding success of Yelkouan Shearwaters. However, measures to control the population of Yellow-legged Gulls did not have a positive impact on the breeding success of Audouin’s Gulls. During the webinar, technical details of the methods used, issues related to feral cats and pine martens, and the sustainability of the project were discussed.

Full article and more information can be found at the LINK.

Marine Litter – How To Monitor And Suppress The Threat That Floats In Our Seas

To raise awareness about the issue of marine litter and the quantity of waste floating in our seas, a webinar titled “ Marine Litter – How To Monitor And Suppress The Threat That Floats In Our Seas” was held on March 28.

The webinar included a presentation of marine litter monitoring protocols used within the project, the results of monitoring implementation, and recommendations for reducing waste. Data obtained during the monitoring were used to create recommendations for reducing marine litter and its future monitoring, applicable in all protected and isolated areas.


During the discussion, it became clear that the participants are interested in all the protocols used, and some of them plan to implement them in their areas. Read what else was discussed HERE.

A Bird Don’t Belong on a Hook

Seabird bycatch during fishing is common in the Adriatic, mainly after setting longlines in the sea or entangling birds in fishing nets. The third webinar, ” A Bird Don’t Belong on a Hook” took place on April 18, with the aim of acquainting the expert community with the topic of seabird bycatch (SB) and measures to reduce it.

Testing measures to reduce seabird bycatch, conducted as part of the LIFE Artina project, consisted of two phases: assessing the impact of fishing gear and testing modified fishing gear to reduce SB. After presenting the research and recommendations, participants discussed the inclusion of seabirds in the existing Protocol for Reporting and Acting in Case of Finding Dead, Sick, or Injured Strictly Protected Marine Animals and the role of public institutions managing marine protected areas.

You can watch a video about seabird bycatch below, and read the webinar report here.

Seabirds and children – from unknown to guardians

The informative webinar “Seabirds and children – from unknown to guardian” was held on June 16, 2023. The focus of the webinar was on educational activities for children in kindergartens and primary schools, with an emphasis on activities that involve children in mitigating negative impacts on seabirds.

Experts from the Association Biom i Sunce presented details of the planned educational programs, necessary materials and methods for carrying out these activities. Furthermore, the participants could learn more about field lessons and excursions that will allow children to venture into the real world of seabirds and to apply their knowledge in practice.

Full article and more information can be found at the LINK.


The webinar gave everyone the opportunity to see how necessary it is to show children the importance of preserving seabirds in the Adriatic. By educating and raising the awareness of young generations, we are creating a path towards a better future for our beautiful seabirds and their habitats.

Designation of marine protected birds areas

The last webinar, intended for experts, was held on June 7, 2023. The topic of the webinar was the criteria for the designation of IBA (Important Bird & Biodiversity Area), i.e. how they were applied in the LIFE Artina project.

More detailed information can be found at the link.