Graduates of the Tourism and Hospitality School ready for the activities of the Sunce’s project


Sunce held an introductory lecture for graduates of the Tourism and Hospitality School, hotel and tourism technician major. Along with the Info Zona and the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County, the school is a partner on the project of Sunce called Career for green and sustainable tourism.

In a time marked by the trend of people leaving the Republic of Croatia and pursuing better opportunities, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports recognized the importance of the project and the necessity of educating future tourism workers about sustainable tourism and career development in it.

In the first lecture, project leader Tihana Arapović introduced students to activities that involve their direct involvement.

Students will have the opportunity to visit Dalmatia Green members on field trainings, Hotel Slavia in the center of Split and Camp Biokovo in Zagvozd. The expert guidance from digital marketing agency is going to hold a workshop where students will be trained in writing articles. Also, they are going to and create a Dalmatia Green communication plan program.

– What I like the most is that I will be capable to express my creativity by writing articles within the framework of the education I chose myself, that is, by writing about topics that I typically follow – said Lorenza Miletić, a student of the School of Tourism and Hospitality.

– I think it is great that we will get out of the framework of formal education, go to field educations and, for example, better understand the concept of sustainable tourism. In addition, new acquaintances and socializing are certainly good ad on – emphasized high school graduate Lena Staničić.

– Direct involvement of students in activities and field trips is interesting for young people of their age. We want to make them aware this is a beneficial thing for their growth and development in the framework of their future career in tourism – said Tihana Arapović, project manager in Sunce.

At this lecture, the students also learned what the Dalmatia Green certificate is for private tourist accommodation facilities. The certificate is designed to distinguish ecological accommodation capacities from traditional renters, which brings them credibility and recognition. In addition, it is intended for all those who want to green their business and provide guests with a unique stay in harmony with nature and the local community.

– My family has apartments, and it will certainly be interesting for them to hear this. My opinion is we should work on the uniqueness of the building and the development of the service. I will definitely recommend the certificate to my friends – announced student Miletić.

Goran Biličić, president of the Info zone association, presented the work and activities of the association and invited all students to follow the calendar of events and get involved in the activities. They will definitely discover something for themselves in the rich schedule of events.

– The introductory lecture was educational, informative, and I’m really looking forward to the continuation of the activities and the development of personal skills. It will definitely cause a positive effect on my progress and development – concluded Staničić.