What do I get by becoming a Sunce member?

When you discover a problem in nature, the environment, or society, do you ask yourself: How can I help?

With more sustainable lifestyle habits and active civic participation in public policies, we can help improve our community. However, one of the most effective ways to help achieve a better, more sustainable future is also to support environmental non-profit organizations, that is, by becoming a member of associations such as Sunce.

You can support Sunce by volunteering, donating, and becoming a member.

Sunce members are people who share similar values and attitudes, of all ages, educations, and occupations. From its foundation until today, when Sunce has more than 350 members, each had their reasons for joining. Recognizing our mission, some wanted to participate actively in environmental protection and nature conservation. For others, the goal was to solve a certain ecological problem in their neighborhood, while some were motivated by our results and successes.


No matter how different our members’ reasons for joining, they certainly have one thing in common: to improve society’s relationship towards the environment and nature.

But what do you get by joining the Sunce?

1. New knowledge and experience

Sunce employees have the knowledge, experience and best practices, and will to share this knowledge and experience with the public, strengthen community initiatives and build new networks to protect nature and the environment.

Considering the number of minor and major environmental problems, our members have an advantage in assisting in the realization of the right to a healthy environment and solving problems related to the areas of the Sunce’s work.

All members are regularly informed about the work of Sunce. If they wish, they can participate in the Assembly meetings, and active members have the right and obligation to make decisions at the Assembly.

2. Getting to know and get together with members

Sunce provides excellent opportunities to meet people with the same goals as yours. Nothing can replace personal interaction with other like-minded people and experts, whether attending a conference, a meeting, or a cleanup.

Sunce organizes gatherings for members several times a year, which we announce through our monthly newsletters in Croatian.

Examples of gatherings held in 2022 are:

• cleaning action Cleaning Sailing Race,
Stand Up show,
• diving weekend in Milna,
• weekend in Lastovo,
• cycle of lectures on Ayurveda.

Travel, accommodation, and food costs for members are usually fully covered.


Through the newsletter, you can also be informed about the activities and receive recommendations for a sustainable lifestyle.

You can also use your membership to share your knowledge and skills directly or indirectly related to the work of Sunce with other members by organizing your activities for members. In 2022, our members held a series of lectures on Ayurveda.

3. Employment of members

The skills you have acquired by participating in Sunce activities can enrich your resume and impress a future employer. Students who encounter practical work for the first time in Sunce through Service – learning can use the acquired knowledge in further studies and later work.

Some of our members and volunteers even became Sunce employees!

Our executive director Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić started her involvement in Sunce as a volunteer. Margita Radman, a volunteer at the diving fields since 2010, has been employed since 2012 and is currently the Head of the Education and Information Department. Volunteer administrator in 2014, Samanta Šećer is now the Sunce’s Finance Manager. Our volunteer educators, Tea Kuzmičić Rosandić, Tihana Arapović, and Lina Vuletić, also became employees of Sunce after a short period of volunteering. In 2017, the Department of Environmental Law hired Andrea Tvrdić, who volunteered in Sunce in 2013 and 2014, and Hajdi Biuk after participating in the service-learning program in 2020. Fedra Dokoza and Anamarija Paradinović volunteered at numerous diving fields, and today they work in the Nature conservation Program.

4. Various benefits

Sunce members can participate in projects, educational programs of Sunce, and partner organizations. They receive discounts on the products of Sunce and our partners and the possibility of using the educational materials of our library.


By becoming a member of Sunce, you also get the opportunity to take advantage of discounts on our business partners’ products as part of the Dalmatia Green program. With our partnership with the green sector, you get discounts and offers to help you save money while protecting the environment. You can find the list of partners -> HERE.

5. Social contribution

By being an active member or volunteer in Sunce, you directly contribute to the development of society and a better tomorrow, which affects your sense of inner satisfaction and motivation. For example, our members were part of the Cleaning Sailing Race, where we removed 740 kilograms of waste from the sea and the beaches of the island of Šolta. Only together can we protect the public’s interest and right to a healthy environment, encourage the application and create solutions for the preservation of nature and the environment, and the reasonable use of natural resources for the benefit of all citizens.

To contribute to preserving nature and the environment, Sunce employees collect funds through various thematic projects that we submit to local, national, and international tenders. However, with membership fees and donations, we ensure the stability of the organization and the continuous support of citizens for work, and by involving members in the Sunce’s activities, we create Croatia as a country of preserved natural values, sea and coast.

Do you want to actively participate in the work of the Sunce or provide support? Become our member!

You can find membership forms, rights, obligations, and membership instructions at the LINK.