Eco Life Lastovo action


In the environmental clean-up action on Lastovo, on June 14, employees, volunteers and members of Sunce, together with the employees of the Nature Park Lastovo Islands, collected about 280 kilograms of marine litter from the beach.

It is about the action – Eco Life Lastovo organized as part of the project LIFE Artina – “Network for the preservation of seabirds in the Adriatic” on Kremena beach. Marine litter was collected from the entire beach and from the wooded areas above the beach, covering a total area of ​​480 m².

Kremena Beach is one of three beaches where the amount and composition of marine litter washed up on the beaches was monitored for the past 2 years as part of the LIFE Artina project according to the given Protocol.

During the clean-up action, we collected a large amount of larger waste, composed mainly of discarded fishing gear, plastic items from households and plastic bags, the total mass of collected waste rose to 277 kg. As in previous years, we found large amounts of microplastics on this beach. Microplastic is a small plastic material that is created by the decomposition of larger plastic objects and, precisely because of its size, it represents a great danger for the entire food chain.

You can find clean-up actions and marine litter monitoring diaries written by all partners in the Life Artina project, and in which you can read some interesting situations from the field, on their website.

In addition to marine litter clean-up, we introduced the Nature Park Lastovo Islands employees to a shortened version of the Protocol which they can use in the future when carrying out actions to remove marine litter from the beaches. Periodic cleaning of marine litter, although necessary, is not a long-term solution. Only by monitoring the types and origins of marine litter can we act to reduce its generation.

In the evening, after the Eco Life Lastovo action, the Splicka scena comedy team made us laugh at Caffe bar Kokolo. These comedians have already become familiar with the Life Artina project, and when they arrived in Lastovo, they got a better idea of this topic and promised that they would come and help us in the next clean-up action.

Although it is known that marine litter is a global problem that endangers many species, including birds, we are glad that we made at least one small part of the protected nature area lighter by 277 kg, and possibly saved some bird life.