What did we listen to in the radio show Together without plastic this year?

The radio show Together without plastic, in which Sunce employees talk about projects and activities important for reducing the pollution of the Adriatic Sea with single-use plastics, is broadcasting since September 2021 on the Radio Sunce frequencies.

In October 2022, we recorded the twelfth and last episode of the show Together without plastic. In 2021, we recorded four shows, and you can read what we talked about then in the article HERE, and in 2022, eight shows were recorded.

In January, in the first show of the year, Tea Kuzmičić-Rosandić together with Mihael Gamulin, Manager of operational and technical affairs at Komunalno d.o.o. Stari Grad, discussed the “door to door” separate waste collection system established in Stari Grad on the island of Hvar.

Listen to the entire show here: https://bit.ly/3qPgMpq

In February, Fedra Dokoza and Anamarija Paradinović explained how they came, through the beach and underwater cleaning actions, to the conclusion that the bottom of the sea represents the final sink for plastic from terrestrial sources. There is more and more evidence that floating plastic debris make up less than 1% of plastic in the ocean, while the vast majority sinks to the bottom of the sea, polluting the ecosystems of seagrasses – posidonia. Posidonia oceanica meadows are oxygen factories and carbon dioxide stores, which is why they directly affect the climate crisis. Sunce has been involved in the protection of posidonia for many years, and through the SASPAS project, we aimed to preserve and restore seagrass through laying safe anchorages, performing pilot transplantations, monitoring and defining an integrated management system for seagrasses in the Adriatic.

In March, Sunce project manager Tea Kuzmičić-Rosandić and Dr. Pero Tutman from the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries talked about marine litter, monitoring marine litter, and cooperation between the scientific community and civil society organizations.

Marine litter is an ecological, economical and health problem that we must react to today, Maja Jurić and Maja Golem emphasized in the show in April. In a relaxed conversation with the show host Tonći, with numbers supported the impact of waste on the marine ecosystem and emphasized the importance of developing sustainable nautical tourism. They talked about the large clean-up action Cleaning Sailing Race and announced the clean-up action at the river Neretva delta as part of the Rezolucija Zemlja.

You can listen to the entire show here: https://bit.ly/3OpESRp

In May, our employees Miranda Šimac and Margita Radman explained how food preparation and production can be sustainable and reduce the generation of waste.

Listen to them on the link: https://www.mixcloud.com/Radio_SUNCE/zajedno-bez-plastike-26052022-sustainability-in-food-production-and-preparation/

You can find steps you can take to reduce your own plastic footprint while saving money on our Live Green blog.

In June, Zrinka Jakl, Sunce’s President and Head of the Nature Protection Program, presented the conclusions from the Conference on reducing the impact of anchoring on seagrasses. Fedra Dokoza, Expert Associate in the Nature Protection Program, spoke about the “Eco Life Lastovo” clean-up action that Sunce carried out in Lastovo as part of the Life Artina project.

And how Sali and Stari Grad organized events without plastic, as part of the project For plastic free Croatian Islands, our employees Blanka Rakuljić and Maja Jurić explained in August. You can also find out more about these events in the articles on our website.

Dugi otok trail – https://bit.ly/3ds5kM3

Wine & Jazz Hvar – https://bit.ly/3SP1H38

These events are part of the national campaign to reduce single-use plastic pollution called “Together without plastic“, supported by funds from Beyond Plastic Med, which is carried out as one of the activities of the “For Plastic Free Croatian Islands” project.

We recorded our last show in October, and the main topic of conversation was the Interdisciplinary Conference on Priorities in Waste Management – Reduce, Reuse and RecycleBeyond Plastic Croatia, the first conference of its kind, which was held in Split in September. Tea Kuzmičić-Rosandić and Maja Golem revealed which presentations impressed them the most, if there were any arguments between the stakeholders and what our next activities are planned.

The show Together without plastic on Radio Sunce was created as part of the campaign of the same name, which is carried out as one of the activities of the For Plastic Free Croatian Islands project.

Although the recording of this show has come to an end, our collaboration with Radio Sunce continues already on October 20, when at 11 a.m. we start with a new show – Green Phone.

In the first show, Sunce employees Ivana Krstulović Baković, Head of the Department of Environmental Law, and Hajdi Biuk, Associate Lawyer, will be guests and they will present the Green Phone project, which aims to encourage citizens to actively participate in environmental protection, and the competent institutions to effectively resolve problems in the environment, and the issue of marine environment protection will be addressed in particular.