Sunce continues to provide educational services in 2023

Sunce conducts educational services for preschool children as well as primary and secondary schools. The main guiding principle of educational activities for children is getting acquainted with environmentally responsible principles for everyday life. In addition, through the education of the Green Office / Green Institution, we introduce participants to the ways of environmentally responsible functioning of the institution in the field of energy and water consumption, waste management, green transport and procurement.

Increasing energy efficiency and improving employee habits: Service for employees of kindergartens, Split

At the beginning of the year, “Sunce” conducted an education service on the topic of increasing energy efficiency and improving environmentally responsible habits for kindergarten teachers ”Vrtuljak”.

This service included one workshop Increasing energy efficiency and improving employee habits for up to 40 participants (employees of the Kindergarten “Vrtuljak”).

The workshop presented thematic areas: Energy, Water, Waste, Procurement and Transport. Participants passed the “green test” to better understand the current state of the institution and get opportunities for change. Through active participation, a plan of actions has been developed that will apply specific environmentally responsible principles for the Kindergarten in future business. This workshop was led by “Sunce” expert Maja Golem, who provided outstanding insight and support in this important area.

Construction of school composting site: Service for students of Elementary School Josip Pupačić from Omiš

Through April, at the initiative of the school, we held a workshop on Composting for students of the Elementary School “Josip Pupačić” in Omiš.

After a short lecture on the importance of waste separation, the students headed to the schoolyard with the Sunce educator to create their own composting site. Using collected biowaste, dry leaves and soil, and creating layers at the bottom of the compost site, they ensured that their compost was effective and of high quality. To make matters even better, they also found an old pallet and larger branches in the yard that they used as a cover and for drainage.

With the help of students of the School for Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction, this workshop was successful and instructive for all involved.

A sudden cleaning action at the Electrotechnical School revealed what waste is hiding in the schoolyards!

In April, we were invited to the Electrotechnical School to help with the construction of composting plants. However, before we sprang into action, we noticed large amounts of waste in the school yard. This situation prompted the students to decide to organize an eco-action collection and monitoring of waste before the composting plant was made. In addition to the students in action, we were joined by volunteers from “Sunce”, Yullia and Aleks.

In a very short time, we collected as much as 4.5 kg of waste. Most of them were cigarette butts (as many as 186 pieces), food wrappers and containers (68 pieces), caps (29 pieces), chemical pens (21 pieces) and lighters and plastic cigarette wrappers (15 pieces)!
Of the other types of waste, we found in the schoolyard, we also found plastic bags, drinking bottles, lollipop sticks and a carton.

To prevent the accumulation of waste in the environment in the future, it has been proposed to install bins for separate collection of paper and plastic in the school yard, as well as a special bucket for collecting cigarette butts.

Composting: Service for kindergarten children “Biser Lastova”

In April we spent two fantastic days on the island of Lastovo with children from the kindergarten “Biser Lastova”. First, we taught them about the ecosystems of the sea and forest and the different animals that inhabit them. This was followed by the activity “Mini composters”, in which we made our own composters in a jar.

By making composters, children learned about recycling and separating biowaste. Each child received their own research journal in which they will track changes in the volume, heat, smell and humidity of their composter for the next four weeks.

We are happy to see how children enjoy learning about preserving the environment in such a practical and interactive way.

What is in the sea and why the sea is acidic know the students of elementary school Kamen-Šine

As a part of the Slobodna Dalmacija project in May, students of the Elementary School Kamen-Šine participated in the field workshop of “Sunce”.

The workshop was full of activities – from the presentation of diving equipment and diving, to the activity “Oxygen Factory” in which they learned about algae in the sea and observed them with a magnifying glass.

The students also participated in the workshop “Is the sea acidic?”, where they examined the pH value of various liquids, including the sea, with the help of indicators. They explored why the sea acidifies and how it affects the marine ecosystem.

As the final part of the workshop, we organized a mini clean-up action ofmarine litter. As true researchers, the students did the field work – they fulfilled the protocol for monitoring marine litter on the beaches, properly set up a transect for waste collection and collected, counted, listed and weighed each found piece. After that, they jointly analyzed and drew the conclusions of the conducted monitoring.

This workshop was a great opportunity to learn about the marine ecosystem and participate in the preservation of our beautiful coastline.

Did you know that “Sunce” offers educational activities at public events?

In June, at the sports and ecological event “For a better world – Hajduk Split” in Split, children had the opportunity to have fun and learn through various educational and interactive games. While some sorted waste, others made a mural out of plastic caps and learned how long it takes objects to decompose in nature.

Innovative games and creative activities encourage children to explore, ask questions and develop awareness of the importance of preserving the environment. In this way, “Sunce” helps shape new generations of environmentally conscious individuals who will take an active role in creating a sustainable future.

Responsible waste generationand management: Online workshop for educators

At the beginning of June, we held two online lectures for educators of kindergarten Drniš and kindergarten Knin.

During these lectures, we have elaborated in detail the topics of responsible waste management, composting, implementation of environmentally responsible principles and environmental responsibility in the community. Through lectures, kindergarten teachers gained insight into specific games and exercises that can be applied in working with children.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to encourage educators to take an even more active approach to teaching about the importance of caring for the environment, thus creating future generations of conscious and responsible citizens.

Service Education of children: Kindergarten “Marjan”, facility “Koralj” (group “Goldfish”)

In May, we hung out with the children and educators of the “Marjan” kindergarten, groupGoldfish.  Through the activity “Mini composters” children made their own composters in a jar.

By making composters, children learned about recycling and separating biowaste, and each child received their own research diary in which they will track changes in the volume, heat, smell and humidity of their composter for the next four weeks.

Service Education of children: Kindergarten “ Trogir”, facility “Ribola”

In May, we hung out with children and educators of kindergarten Ribola from Trogir. Through activities What did my friend eat? and Acidification of the Sea, Children were introduced to the topics of plastic in the sea and marine conservation.

Greeny festival Makarska

At the beginning of June, we participated in the Greeny Festival in beautiful Makarska and learned why it is important to take care of the environment and how important it is for our planet.

Children had the opportunity to sort waste and learn how our daily actions can have a positive impact on the environment. We also embarked on interesting experiments together to explore is the sea acidicacidic and realize how important it is to protect our oceans and marine life.

And most exciting of all, we’ve painted cloth bags that will help us reduce the use of plastic bags and preserve our natural environment.