GREEN OFFICE – New Association Sunce Service


The Association Sunce, which works to educate and inform citizens about environmentally responsible behavior and ways to improve everyday habits in order to protect nature and the environment, aspires to cultivate these behaviors and habits in their business and work environment. As a result, a variety of activities are carried out on the office premises to educate employees, members, international and national volunteers and students about ways to reduce the negative impact on the environment in everyday life. These measures are applicable not only at work, but also at home, and they are mostly simple changes that can be implemented by anyone in any setting. In our office, we are constantly improving these measures with new knowledge and environmental protection capabilities, taking into account external and internal as well as financial, environmental, and social factors.

In order to spread these positive patterns of behavior, we have created an educational service Green Office — an environmentally responsible business service aimed at associations, companies, small and large entrepreneurs, crafts, various institutions, and their managers and employees.

There are two parts to this education. The first part of the education entails becoming familiar with green measures, which are divided into several categories based on the ways which save the Planet: energy, water, waste, procurement, and transport. Managers and employees (service users) are encouraged to draft a plan of action for implementing selected environmentally responsible steps in the second part of the participatory and practical work. Employees assess the current state of their company, identify areas where improvement is possible and collaborate on a ways to make positive changes.

The service, in addition to greening the business, encourages users to think more sustainably about their actions in everyday life.

If you want to find out more about Green Office service and how to implement it for your business, please contact us: [email protected]