New volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) have arrived in Sunce!

vijesti_ESS volonteri

Three new volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) have arrived in Sunce in February. Tatijana and Ivan from Ukraine, and Milijana from North Macedonia, will be with us for the entire year.

They are participating in the European Solidarity Corps program because they want to contribute to society and the local community they are slowly getting to know, as well as personally grow and develop various skills and competencies.

Participation in Sunce activities

Our new ESC volunteers have been participating in various activities in Sunce over the previous month. They also joined Sunce’s regular activities, contributing to the community they are slowly getting to know. For example, they participated in the Swap Fair, the event where old items are given a new chance every first Tuesday of the month. Sharing is crucial for sustainable economic practices and lifestyles because it significantly reduce negative impacts on the environment. Specifically, our ESC volunteers learned that this practice contributes to the reduction of resource consumption, waste, and carbon dioxide emissions. It also foster a sense of community and solidarity among people.

vijesti_ESS volonteri

Additionally, they participated in a new sewing workshop, patchwork, and creative activities at Sunce called “ŠIZIKA.” From now on, you can meet our ESC volunteers there every last Thursday of the month. You can ask them how you can join the European Solidarity Corps project and travel to any European country from two to 12 months to volunteer on a topic you care about.

vijesti_ESS volonteri

Experience exchange with other ESC volunteers

Our ESC volunteers also took part in an introductory reflection workshop where they learned about the work and goals of the program. A key part of their experience was a team-building trip with the coordinator, mentors, and former ESC volunteer Olena. Besides bonding and developing team spirit, this trip gave them the opportunity to exchange experiences and tips with experienced volunteers.


Their next stop is a trip to Orahovica. There, they will participate in an on-arrival training organized by the Agency for Mobility and EU Projects. This training will provide them with additional tools and skills to better integrate into their work environment and the local community.

Tatijana, Ivan, and Milijana are examples of dedication and enthusiasm in volunteer work. Their desire for personal development and contribution to society inspires their community and other volunteers. With the support of Sunce and the European Solidarity Corps, these young people will surely leave a deep and positive impact on their volunteering journey.

The project Solidarity for Green Dalmatia 2022 is funded by the European Union through the European Solidarity Corps program.