We answer questions about the Swap Fair


Our international ESC volunteers organize a Swap Fair every first Tuesday of the month in Klub Zona, for a duration of two hours, from 6 to 8 p.m. We are sure that each of us has many items in our own home that we do not use and are still usable. This is an event where you can exchange your used items for others that would be of use to you, for free.

As time passes, the interest for the Swap Fair grows more and more.

For all those who want to join this event, we have prepared answers to questions to eliminate dilemmas and facilitate the path towards change and the fight against consumerism.

1. How many items can I bring?

The maximum is 5 items, but you can also come with only one item.

2. What can I bring?

We accept all preserved and functional items, from keychains, jewelry, books, pictures, clothing, shoes, electronic equipment, toys to suitcases and bicycles.

3. When can I bring the items to the Fair?

You can bring them at the beginning of the event, from 6 p.m. onwards. We do not prefer bringing things to the venue before the beginning of the event or the day before.

4. What happens when I come to the Fair?

The organizers will meet you at the entrance, review, and count what you brought with you. They will then give you coupons for the number of items you brought, which you can exchange for an equal number of other items at the Fair.

5. What if I can’t find replacement of items for the coupons I received?

There are two options: keep the coupons for the next Fair or leave them voluntarily for other visitors.

6. Do I need to register to attend the Fair?

For now, we do not have such a practice. We welcome anyone who is environmentally conscious and wants to contribute to the reduction of waste generation.

7. What about the items that were not exchanged?

We keep them so that we can offer them for the first visitors of the next Fairs.

The idea behind the event is to exchange preserved used items, so that someone else can use them further. Repurposing and reusing old items is necessary if we want to reduce the amount of waste we create every day.

See you on October 4th at Klub zona (Jerina 1, Split) and remember, the change starts with you!

The project “Solidarity for Green Dalmatia 2021” is financed by the EU through the European Solidarity Corps program.