Split got its monthly Swap fair

Accumulation of things is the problem of today. Repurposing, recycling and reusing old items is necessary if we want to reduce the amount of waste we create every day. Growing consumerism has led to the fact that we create more and more waste every year, and the space for its disposal is decreasing.

Aware of this problem, the employees of the Association Sunce started organizing Exchange Fair of used items. The first fair was organized in Trogir as part of the Winter Adventure, then in Split on the occasion of Earth Day, and from June at the Info Zona in Split, the Exchange Fair will be held every first Tuesday of the month.

Exchange fairs or Swap fairs are very popular in Europe, and they have only recently come to life here. They are very similar to flea markets, with the difference being that the items at the swap fair are not charged for but exchanged for other items.

Why come to the Exchange Fair?

We are sure that each of us has a large number of items in our own home that we do not use and are still usable. After seasonal cleaning, most of these items end up in the trash. At a fair like this, you can exchange such items for some other more useful items and thus satisfy the need for new items. The production of new items, not only drains the Earth’s limited resources, but also creates a huge amount of waste, which is most often associated with packaging. In addition, the carbon footprint caused by transportation is definitely not negligible.

By exchanging items that we no longer need for items that will be useful to us, we reduce our own carbon footprint, save money, and our home becomes richer for one new, more useful item. Besides, you have to admit that there is something special when we breathe new life into old things.

How to participate in the Exchange Fair?

The rules for participating in the Exchange Fair are simple.

1. Bring up to five well-preserved items (clean, correct, without stains and defects) to the Fair that can be used by others, such as books, decorations, jewelry, fashion accessories, toys, clothes, and similar.

2. Bring reusable bags with you in which to put the selected items.

3. Exchange the items brought to the Fair for vouchers at the entrance to the Fair.

4. Choose the items you want to take home and exchange them for the received vouchers at the organizer of the Fair.

Where is the Fair held?

The swap fair will be held every first Tuesday of the month in the premises of the Info Zona (Jerina 1, Split).

The first monthly Swap Fair in Split was held in June (June 7) organized by ESS volunteers, Olena and Angela, with the help of coordinator Lina from the Association Sunce.

If you plan to come to the next Swap Fair on July 5, confirm your arrival via the Facebook event.

Due to the high summer heat, the start time of the Fair is subject to change. We will announce the exact time of the Fair on the social networks of the Association Sunce and the social networks of the Info Zona, as well as in the description of the Facebook event.

The project “Solidarity for Green Dalmatia 2021” is financed by the EU through the European Solidarity Corps program.