More than a hundred children visited the Swap Fair in the Skalice Elementary School garden


Protecting natural resources and drawing attention to the danger that threatens life on Earth due to the increase in global pollution is the main guideline of the 52nd World Earth Day, which this year was aimed at motivating people to make greater efforts and changes that will contribute to the betterment of humanity.

Encouraged by this year’s theme “Let’s invest in our planet”, on the occasion of the Earth Day we organized an Swap Fair in the garden of Skalice Primary School to encourage the citizens of Split to create and introduce some new lifestyle habits that will positively affect our Planet. The idea behind the Swap Fair is to exchange items you no longer need for items you will use.

With this type of exchange, we want to raise awareness among children and citizens about the importance of circulating objects, and not their unnecessary accumulation and disposal. By exchanging things you no longer need, you not only reduce waste, but also create new habits and thus save money – said the organizer of the Fair, Lina Vuletić.

The fair was visited by more than a hundred preschool and elementary school children and citizens who were delighted with the idea of exchange.

We try to educate children. In kindergarten, we separate plastic and paper. They throw it in the container themselves, we really take care of the environment – Ivana Jakić, a teacher at the “Crvenkapica” Kindergarten in Split, told Croatian Television.

My spring cleaning of the apartment always ends up with a pile of items that I no longer use. I came to exchange them for something that could be of use to me or, if I don’t find anything for myself, I will donate my items to someone. That’s better than throwing them away. Isn’t it? – said Mrs. Maja, who visited the Fair.

I am very satisfied with the response of the citizens. This is not the first fair of this type organized by the Association Sunce. Last year, we organized the Christmas swap fair in Trogir, and the attendance of the Fair and the reactions of the citizens were very positive. That gave us tail wind to organize something similar in Split, and Earth Day was a great reason for it. – added organizer Lina.

Due to the great interest of citizens, Association Sunce will organize another Swap Fair at the 25th Days of Volunteering and Solidarity (May 14) in Đardin. The goal of the Fair is the free exchange of used items for other items. That’s why at the entrance to the Swap Fair, you will receive as many vouchers as you brought things, and you can exchange the vouchers for what you need. You can read the other rules of the Swap Fair HERE.

We hereby invite you to join us at the 25th Days of Volunteerism and Solidarity (May 14) from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., because in addition to the Swap Fair at the Association Sunce stand, you will be able to learn how to make your own voskomot (eco-plastic-free food film) and ask about the possibilities of volunteering in the Sun and Europe within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps program.