Dalmatia Green program has partnered with BioCro

Since our Dalmatia Green program encourages stays in sustainable accommodation facilities, promotes local and organic food and takes care of reducing the impact of tourism on the environment, one of our partners has become BioCro. It is a “green” international platform that offers the sale and purchase of sustainable products, circular economy services, sustainability school, seminars, education, investment in renewable energy sources and a wide range of innovations.

We believe that young minds, innovative ideas and enthusiasm can bring ecological changes to the existing tourist offer. The co-owner and director of BioCro, Vicenco Matijaca, believes that Croatia can be something “more” – by prioritizing education for sustainable living, presenting quality products and striving for something greater than the material benefits. BioCro strives to offer a network of proven producers, while Croatia has the right opportunity to achieve economic and energy independence. The aim of cooperation is to jointly achieve visible progress at the international level, as well as to take on the role of active members of these sustainable changes.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to educate yourself in the areas of sustainability, the circular economy, ecology and healthy living. When you invest in renewable energy, you get the opportunity to create a global ecosystem that brings together the broad international community of different types of entities, which affects world trade and production.

Jure Ivandić, co-owner and financial director of BioCro, reminds that BioCro has a great potential –
“You too can participate in creating a digital and green product by supporting the growth of the sustainability community. All purchases through the current” BioCro “demo platform create a Croatian online community that places us on the market of developed Europe and the world.”

All private renters who are members of the Dalmatia Green program, among other things, can take advantage of a ten percent discount on the products from BioCro website. Together with our partner BioCro, we help Dalmatia Green members to differentiate themselves from the competition, improve advertising and improve the occupancy of their facilities in the pre-season and post-season, so as to attract tourists who live a “sustainable lifestyle”.

Even the smallest “eco steps” will pave the way for a sustainable community of Dalmatia and attract guests who want to get to know and respect our nature, learn about Dalmatian culture, shop from the locals and enjoy traditional cuisine.

We look forward to your support through social media, every comment and interest, and by buying products for a better tomorrow.

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