Volunteer work – we published the annual report for 2019

The desire to actively contribute to the community, by the definition of helping, that is, of acting freely for the benefit of the community, is probably almost as old as the first societies, while organized forms of volunteering were noted in the first decades of the last century. Today we know that the process of building a developed civil society based on solidarity is unthinkable without the input of volunteers.

The Law on Volunteering of the Republic of Croatia defines volunteering as, a “voluntary investment of personal time, effort, knowledge and skills by which services or activities are performed for the benefit of another person or the general welfare, and are performed by persons in the manner provided for in this Act, without the existence of conditions for a monetary reward or the claim of other proceeds for volunteering, unless otherwise specified by this Law”.

The Association Sunce Split nurtures a long tradition of volunteer work, and our volunteers support the achievement of the strategic goals of the Association, while gaining experience and knowledge in the areas of our work. By volunteering in Sunce, each individual directly contributes to the protection of the environment and nature, as well as to the development of civil society in Croatia.

In accordance with the Law on Volunteering and internal acts of the Association Sunce Split, our volunteer can be any adult who is a member of the Association Sunce, or who expresses an interest in volunteering.

Projects and activities of the Association Sunce Split from 2019 in which volunteers participated:

-“Volunteer for Nature, Volunteer for Yourself! – School Volunteer Programs in Protected Areas of Nature” – ESF project with 35 volunteers who participated in volunteer actions, educational workshops for students, in preparation of reports from workshops and volunteer education, photo documentation, etc. At the final conference of the project, some of the volunteers gave their impressions of volunteering in protected areas of Croatia.

You can find out more about the final conference of the project at the link.

-Split Bike Tour – 27 volunteers supported the organization and implementation of the public event

You can find out more about the 8. Split Bike Tour at the link.

-EVS project “Total Eco Dalmatia” and ESC project “Solidarity for Green Dalmatia” – a total of five volunteers who participated in educational, organizational and logistical activities and in mentoring the volunteers within these two projects. The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes praised the implemented project “Total Eco Dalmatia” as part of the European Voluntary Service programme and included it on the Erasmus+ Project Results page.

-Earth Day – four volunteers participated in the organization and sale of used children’s equipment and toys.

-ESF project “Practical-Active-Together-Interdisciplinary! Service Learning programs for the Environment and Sustainable Development”– two volunteers participated in the mentoring of a group of students, in other educational activities of the project, and as organizational and logistical support.

You can find out more about the P.A.Z.I! project at the link.

The annual report of the Association Sunce Split on organized volunteering for 2019 can be seen in full here: Volunteering report 2019.