Third regional workshop of SEA-MED project

Within the SEA-MED Project Capacity Development Program, the WWF Mediterranean Program organized the 3rd Regional Training Workshop on Sustainable Tourism in Marine Protected Areas. The workshop was held in Turkey (Kas) in the period from 10th to 15th of May 2015. with the participation of representatives of all the participating countries in the project implementation (Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Tunisia and Turkey) and expert guidance of NOAA.

The goal of the Capacity Development Program is to strengthen the skills and abilities of experts for marine protected areas, by providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to improve their day-to-day management.

During the workshop, the processes of making sustainable tourism plans in some parks were presented in order to identify the greatest challenges and their possible common solutions in order to strengthen the implementation of the Plan itself.

The theme of the last two days of training workshop was focused on marketing and communication. The participants worked on the elements of the marketing plan by understanding the dynamics of the market in certain regions, focusing on the target group of visitors and identifying services and products in order to improve the sustainable use of the protected area as a tourist destination.

This is the last regional SEA-MED training project.