Sunce wins new EU project

The Association Sunce has been approved of a new project “Together for Nature and the Environment” within the framework of the Strengthening of Regional and Local Support Structures for Civil Society Development from IV. IPA components totaling HRK 900,000.
IPA – Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance: EU Fund for Accession Countries for the period 2007-2013

At the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, the signing of the contract was held on November 12, 2013 and the ceremony was held at the Museum of Mimara, where representatives of association were handed over the contract and a speech was held by the governor of the National Foundation Mag. Econ. Cvjetana Plavša-Matić, Ph.D. Igor Vidačak, Director of the Office for Associations and Dario Baron, Assistant Minister of Labor and Pension System.

The project “Together for Nature and the Environment” is one of 9 approved projects, out of 110 as many as reported.

The general objectives of the project are:

  • Contribution to increasing the quality of life in Dalmatia by strengthening cooperation and participation of the public in the protection of nature and the environment,
  • Strengthening mutual trust between civil society organizations, ie citizens and local self-government bodies, in making decisions related to sustainable development.

The specific objective of the project is to enhance the participation of civil society organizations and citizens in the local communities of the four Dalmatian counties with a view to improving local environmental conservation and sustainable development policies.

Some of the activities envisaged are the organization of seminars on public participation for representatives of associations, cities and municipalities in Dalmatia, training for associations and the development of the manual Active citizenship and cooperation between citizens and local authorities in practice.

The introduction of innovative models for citizen involvement and participation is also foreseen. For citizens of Split, we will create an interactive map for reporting environmental problems as well as citizen suggestions. In the local communities in the area of Telašćica Nature Park, the Nature Park of Lastovo and Šibenik-Knin County we will Environmental Advisers Body.

Project partners are the municipalities of Lastovo and the Nature Park of Lastovo, the municipality of Sali and the Nature Park Telašćica, the ecological association of Krka Knin, the town of Knin and the municipality of Kistanje. The Environmental Advisory Body will also be established in Split and the City of Split is also involved in the project.

The project starts on 01.01.2014. and it will last two years.