Sunce comments new Act on Strategic Investments proposal


We consider it unacceptable that the Law on Strategic Investments is made in an urgent procedure because the urgency entails a minimum of time for public and parliamentary debate and the reading of other state administration bodies.

The law was on the public hearing in the period from 15 January to 24 January 2013, which is only 10 days. We consider this treatment to be absolutely inadequate, especially because it is one of the laws that are of great public interest and have far-reaching economic and legal consequences in the Republic of Croatia.

Natural resource allocation cannot be left to urgent procedures and therefore it is necessary to extend the deadline for public debate not only to engage competent and other interested public, but to enable the Ministry of Economy to communicate its intentions and to transform them into a real investment climate strategy in the Republic of Croatia.

We find that this law in many of its segments is counterproductive, detrimental to the sustainable development of the Republic of Croatia, as well as wasted, undefined and superficial. The urgency of making decisions has already had a negative impact on the growing mistrust of citizens.

The full text of the comments of the Sunce Association, as well as remarks on individual articles, can be found here.