Split sends S.O.S. for Adriatic

Last Saturday on 28th of March over 300 people participated in the „millenium photo“ S.O.S. for Adriatic sea that took place on the most popular beach in the town of Split. During the event citizens sent a clear message to the authorities – NO OIL DRILLING IN THE ADRIATIC!
In this way participants supported SOS for Adratic campaign. The aim of the campaign S.O.S. Adriatic is to keep the entire Adriatic Sea oil free, not only by stopping the planned activities in Croatia, but also by ending existing oil production on the Italian side of the Adriatic.
The campaign is run by NGOs within the national environmental network Green Forum (Zeleni forum): Zelena akcija/FoE Croatia (Zagreb), Sunce (Split), Zelena Istra (Pula), Žmergo (Opatija), and BIOM (Zagreb), in cooperation with Greenpeace Croatia, and WWF Adria.

Coalition of Associations S.O.S. for the Adriatic, continues a series of public events that involves the wider public and points to this problem and informs citizens about the possible disastrous consequences of oil exploration in the Adriatic to tourism, fisheries and the marine ecosystem as a whole.

You can find out about all campaign activities at www.soszajadran.hr and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/soszajadran