Seminar on public participation in local governance

Public participation in local level processes is a basic prerequisite for the feasibility and effectiveness of local government decisions and necessarily involves dialogue between public administration representatives and citizens.

In the process of public participation in environmental issues, it is vitally important for both parties to express their views in a timely manner, which would go in the direction of a common solution for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In order to demonstrate the usefulness of public participation in local decision-making processes and to enrich representatives of local self-government and non-governmental organizations with new skills and knowledge on this theme, the Sunce Association, as part of the project “Together for Nature and the Environment“, held a seminar on “Public Participation: Can it be better? “- environmental law and the strengthening of skills and knowledge about nonviolent communication“.

The seminar program includes lectures with practical exercises in the area of environmental law with an emphasis on public participation in processes at local levels related to environmental conservation and sustainable development. The second day of the seminar is devoted to nonviolent communication.

Seminars will take place on April 7 and 8, 2014 at the Hotel Park in Split and on April 28 and 29, 2014 in Knin.

We invite all interested representatives of non-governmental organizations and representatives of local self-government bodies to call us on the phone number 021 360 779 or email us at [email protected] (until 2.4.2014) regarding participation in seminars.