Public engagement – Could it be better

Within the framework of the project „Together for nature and environment“ workshop Public participation: Can we do better?– building facilitation skills of NGO representatives, was organized by Association Sunce on 27 and 28 of February 2014 in Seget, Croatia.
Workshop for 13 participants was led by Mrs. Martina Horvat, head of Educational Centre of Association GONG.
Trough theoretical explanations, discussions and practical exercises Mrs. Horvat successfully introduced the basics of facilitation and conflict management to participants from different Croatian CSOs.
Since the skill of facilitation develops and improves with continuous education and practice, and for most participants this was the first training of this type, the Sunce Association, motivated by the positive comments of the participants, will continue with the activities that are going to improve the facilitating competencies as representatives of civil society as well as representatives of the public authorities.