Meet Aleksandra, our volunteer of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC)


Hello I’m Aleksandra, and coming from Macedonia. I’m interested in books, ecology, nature and animals, also I’m into hiking, history and music. I recently came to Sunce as a volunteer of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC).

What motivated you to choose volunteering through the ESC program?

I applied for this project because I was seeking for a change and more challenging opportunity.

Why did you decide to go to Split as part of ESC volunteering program?

Because I’m fascinated with history this seemed like great opportunity to live in a city witch is unique mix of architecture with maze of narrow streets. I chose Sunce, because I believe that human is facing a real threat, which is the bad situation with our environment. I came here to learn more and more how we can manage and what we can do about the situation with our planet. My aim is to improve my knowledge and practice in recycling.


What are your first impressions of Split?

I enjoy the city. I’m amazed with the historical monument, walks by the sun and the friendly people. The city is full of culture and has a host of excellent museums and wonderful nature.

Is there anything you would like to say to all young people who are thinking about joining the European Solidarity Corps program?

It took me a lot of thinking and courage to apply for the project, but I think this is a one in a life opportunity. Participating in a project like this is a wonderful experience, which makes you grow a lot. My advice don’t hesitate to do it, because you will learn to enjoy the experience.

What do you miss the most from your home country?

Of course I miss my country. This is the first time I’m planning to be away for a long time. I miss my family, my friends and of course my cat.

The project “Solidarity for Green Dalmatia 2022” is financed by the European Union through the European Solidarity Corps program.