Formal Lettter – Key aspects in setting up and creating a Croatian waste management system


Last week, Association Sunce, along with 33 co-signatories, submitted an opinion on key aspects in setting up and creating a Croatian waste management system to the Ministry of the Economy and Sustainable Development, Fund for the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, to the Ombudsman’s Office and the Parliamentary Committee for Environment and Nature Protection. This opinion is based on field experience, as well as on feedback collected in communication with utility companies around Croatia. At the public consultation for the Revised Croatian National Waste Management Plan, which was open for only seven days, ending on December 4, we submitted 20 comments.

For many years, civil society in the Republic of Croatia has been actively dealing with the problem of waste management. We would like to offer our perspective and draw attention to certain aspects that we consider crucial, with the hope that there is place for cooperation in order to resolve burning issues in setting up an adequate and sustainable waste management system in Croatia between all stakeholders.

The problem of waste management is multidimensional and requires a thoughtful approach that relies on the principles of circular economy and sustainable development. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to redistribute responsibilities among key actors, bring in waste reduction measures, replicate examples of good practice and establish effective communication channels, develop financial and legal bases for regulating the national system of separately collected waste, ensure transparency in using resources of public funds. This means to set up a national system that would ensure the achievement of goals at all levels from local to county, and especially in less successful areas.

Arguments, explanations and our perspective of the problems and key aspects related to waste management in the Republic of Croatia can be found in Croatian language in the Letter.

For all additional questions, contact the project manager Marin Spetič via e-mail: [email protected].