Decision and measures on limiting the use of single-use plastics in the area of the Cetina River Canyon


The last workshop as part of the designing and implementing an educational program for stakeholders and expert assistance in making Decision on reducing the use of single-use plastics within the significant landscape of the Cetina River Canyon, as part of the project “Significant Landscape Cetina River Canyon Plastic Free Zone”, was held on December 9 at the Center for visitors “Hidden Dalmatia” in Dugopolje.

Education in environmentally responsible business Green office

At the workshop, we conducted the Green Office educational program, an environmentally responsible business service. The education consisted of two parts. The first part of the education was an introduction to green measures divided into several categories, according to ways of saving the Earth: energy, water, waste, procurement, transport. In the second part, through participative and practical work, we encouraged the creation of an action plan for the implementation of selected environmentally responsible steps. Employees evaluated the current state of their business and identified areas where progress is possible and jointly planned ways to introduce positive changes. The aim of this workshop was to encourage the greening of business, as well as encouraging users to think more sustainably about their actions in everyday life.

The decision to stop using single-use plastics

In addition to education about the Green Office, with the employees we went through the Decision on reducing the use of single-use plastics in the Cetina River Canyon area draft and measures which are included in the Decision. With this, the Decision is finalized and the document will be presented to stakeholders operating in the area of the Cetina River Canyon in the next year.