Students from Petrinja visited the diving center on island Brač


Eighth grade students from Elementary School Mato Lovrak from Petrinja, from September 18th to 24th visited the diving center in Milna on the island of Brac. For children, from the quake-hit region, this weekly visit was organized as a reward for outstanding school success.

Given the recent choice of further education, among many activities, there was enoguh time to talk about future professions and occupations. Sunces’ Nature Conservation Program Associate presented her work as a biologist in the field of nature conservation and explained to them how she transformed her love of diving into a dream work.

She presented her work trough three projects she is currently working on:

                Sushi Drop – aimed at increasing the understanding of the habitat sensitivity to today’s pressures and the design and implementation of more effective marine management plans

                Adrireef – aims to examine the potentiality of natural and artificial reefs in the Adriatic Sea to strengthen the Blue Economy

                SASPAS – which deals with the preservation and restoration of seagrass by placing safe anchorages, performing pilot transplantations, monitoring activities and defining an integrated management system for seagrasses in the Adriatic.

Since, unfortunately, we couldn’t explore coralligens and seagrass by diving, they experienced the marine world trough educational videos of Adrireef and Saspas projects. We told them about the importance of seagrass Posidonia and taught them a little about the methodology used in the implementation of monitoring of seagrass and how we measure population density with the help of squares and with transects the influence of anchoring.

Finally, we played the game “Search for Answers” with which children took on the role of researchers and learned more interesting facts about the biodiversity of the ridges.

Our associates have also transferred the exhibition to an online form through which you can now find out  briefly, but all the most important about coralligen, its importance, role and purpose -> “Search for answers