Training workshops ” Protection of nature and active tourism “

Over the last few years (or to be exact, annually), more than a billion tourists travel with an increase of about 4000 percent compared to the 25 million people who traveled abroad in 1950. Such global trends are often seen as a great potential for social and, primarily economic development, while the ecological issue is left in the shadows or even completely ignored. Since Croatia’s tourism is based primarily on natural beauties, it would be extremely unmanageable within its tourist offer, not to think about the aspect of ecological sustainability.

Therefore, in the organization of the Association Sunce and within the project “Nature of Dalmatia“, last week in Vrlika a two one-day training workshop took place on “Nature protection and active tourism” subjects.
In order to enhance the cooperation of the nature protection sector and the active tourism sector, the participants gathered to promote the sustainable use of natural resources. Also, the workshops are designed to help strengthen the capacity of active tourism guides on nature conservation issues. So they heard lectures on biodiversity of the Dinarides and the Adriatic, met the ethics of behavior and stay in nature through the principles of “Do not leave marks” and the basics of cartography.

The guides have recognized the importance of this kind of education with the aim of raising ecological awareness but also of enriching their tourist offer. Very positive evaluation of the training workshops pointed to the need for further education and cooperation because only the joint work of both sectors can achieve the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, the economic benefits of the local community as well as the satisfaction of increasingly demanding active guests.