Tomorrow at the city council of Split: Decision on how to provide public services for collection of mixed municipal waste and biodegradable municipal waste in the city of Split

Unfortunately, the only motivation for those responsible for making this Decision is still the legal obligations and sanctions of the EU, although obviously they are not enough either. The unbearable stench caused by increased gas emissions, which is the result of the rehabilitation of the Karepovac landfill, which is again the result of moving cubic and cubic meters of waste to provide space for the construction of sanitary surfaces and receiving new tons of mixed municipal waste, is not enough. The level of understanding of priorities in waste management is also evident from Article 31 of the Draft Decision, which provides for the punishment of citizens who will not hand over biodegradable waste to Čistoća. What about the citizens who compost and in this way contribute to the reduction of waste generation?! Has anyone even read the National Waste Management Plan of the Republic of Croatia and the importance of encouraging home composting !?

Let’s recall; long ago we could have had a compost plant and 30% separately collected biodegradable waste converted to humus, 30% separately collected paper, 10% plastic, 7% glass… And if we had a system how much more space would we have now to dispose of that small amount of residual mixed waste. From this decision, the system and the way it works are still not visible… For those who are waiting for the Center and for whom its construction is an excuse not to take steps regarding the system of separate waste collection and waste reduction, we remind that the Center will not be finished by 2020. And once it is finished, its waste disposal capacities will be planned for a certain number of years. Part of the waste will be processed into so-called RDF which will then be incinerated in cement plants and incinerators. We will not have a stench but we will have emissions of even more toxic gases than those we have now during remediation. And the fee will be charged according to the amount of delivered mixed municipal waste, and you believe, with this percentage of separate waste collection, will not be small, that is, it will be far higher than the one we pay now. If we add to this the EU sanctions for not achieving 50% of separate waste collection, we can’t help but wonder where our city administration is leading us?

At the link below you can find the comments of the Sunce Association on the DECISION on the manner of providing a public service for the collection of mixed municipal waste and biodegradable municipal waste in the city of Split.

Comments_on the DECISION (available in Croatian only)