Together for sustainable active tourism in protected and Natura 2000 sites

Sustainable tourism is based on the preservation of natural resources, the promotion of cultural and traditional heritage, the support of the local community economy and the satisfaction of tourists. All of this is a component of sustainable development and therefore the promotion of sustainable tourism principles is an essential strategic goal of the Sunce Association to protect the Natura 2000 areas for future generations.

As the general objective of the Nature of Dalmatia project is to use the Natura 2000 site, one of its specific objectives is to promote these areas as a destination for sustainable forms of active tourism. To this end, there were workshops for making brochures that will promote the protected and Natura 2000 areas and active tourism programs that are now or will be implemented in the future. Thus, three workshops (26 February in Metković, 10 March in Split and 12 March in Knin) were organized and successfully carried out, with the participation of key stakeholders from the active tourism sector and nature protection.

In addition to the organizers of the Association Sunce, representatives of active tourism agencies, project partners, representatives of local tourist boards (TZ Metković, TZ Vrlika, TZ Drniš, TZ Knin, TZ Šibenik – Knin County) and representatives of some protected areas (NP Krka, PP Biokovo) were present.

The Nature Protection Sector presented itself by presentations of protected areas managed by individual Public institutions, regulations that regulate visits, existing infrastructure and the possibilities of developing certain forms of active tourism. The implementation of sustainable forms of active tourism on numerous protected locations in the three selected counties can also undermine the most visited protected areas and thus contribute to the protection and preservation of these.

Further activities of the project aimed at active tourism are the creation of a short video that will highlight the application of not leaving traces while staying in nature and organizing training workshops for active tourism guides for the purpose of raising the capacity for nature protection.

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