Third Environmental Advisory Board meeting

On September 30, 2014, the third meeting of the Environmental Advisory Council of Split was held.
For all of you who follow the work of the Council, we will inform you about the conclusions reached by the agenda, and for those of you who have not yet known the work of the Council, you will get a slight insight into the work. The Environmental Council of the City of Split as an informal advisory body was established within the project “Together for Nature and the Environment” with the aim of making recommendations for the two priority environmental problems in the city of Split – waste management in Split and greenery. Through its work, the Council will monitor the implementation of existing environmental plans and programs and engage in the adoption of new ones.

Concerning the problems of composting

After the presentation of Mr. Srđan Marinović, Ms. Marijana Čosić and Ms. Ivanka Ajduković on the issue of green waste management in the city, new conclusions were made and new tasks assigned. Important new tasks consist of research on investment costs, savings and penalties related to compost (eg: $ 2.2 million would cost a composting site and there is $ 300 million foreseen for this purpose) then get information on the project of composting site for green waste which was conducted by the UNDP and finally send a letter to the City of Split and to arrange a meeting with all City-based companies that manage greenery, and along with representatives of the advisory council, of course, with the aim of moving the question of a composting site from a dead spot.
It was also concluded that one of the representatives of the Council must be included in the working group of the City of Split for the preparation of a new waste management plan.

The second point concerned the implementation of the order of priority in waste management in Split

As the most important conclusions at this point we point out:
– Proposal of the Sunce for a study trip for Council representatives, to visit one of the examples of good practice in waste management in one of the neighboring countries
– Plan for further communication with Utility Company Čistoća d.o.o. with an emphasis on the request for detailed documentation of what has been done on the issue of separate collection of waste and what is the obligation of the Republic of Croatia in relation to EU rules to explain why the commitments undertaken so far have not been made
– Invitation to Mayor and city councilors on a trip to Karepovac.

The third point of the agenda was the urban greenery

The most important activities of the Council at this point in the forthcoming period are exploring the issues of green cadastre and finding examples of good practice of managing green cadastre and presenting it at the next meeting.

At the very end of the meeting, the Interactive Web Site was created within the framework of the project “Together for Nature and the Environment”, which operates from October 15, 2014.
Furthermore, it was unanimously adopted a position against incinerating municipal waste (RDF / SRF) and importing it. E-mail will also be sent to other members of the Council who have not been present to make a statement on this matter.
Also, some Council members had a need to further inform themselves on the topic and asked for an insight into the Environmental Impact Study and the Sunce Association has provided them with the Study.